Monday, July 22, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


It’s Hurricane Supplication Day

Today is Hurricane Supplication Day. The Governor prayer for God to spare us in this Hurricane season. The Governor asked that the storms of this season pass us by. Vinnie Mohannani of the Red Cross reminds you that recovery is about helping each other, giving each other words of encouragement and support. He prayer for God to bless all red cross volunteers.

Last Day for Tarps

Thursday is the last day to sign up for government installed tarp roof. They have plenty of the heavier sheeting that can withstand high winds but the program ends this week, so sign up by Thrusday at a recovery center. Wednesday is the last day to apply for Red Cross Aid. Call the hot line at 714-1015 ask the operator if you can’t get through.

Food Stamps

The recipients of food stamps are advised ofa new program for storm sufferes offered by the Dept of Human Services. This food stamp program for all candidates who meet all the normal food stamp program requirements and have Hurricane Bertha damage too .

15 New Firemen

We have some new firemen. 15 in fact graduated from the 8 week fire fighting training program and will begin service the fire service. 14 Officers within the ranks for the fire service were promoted as to positions of Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant and Corporal.

School Update

From where I sit, there is a boat load of modular classrooms being off loaded from a Ship. There’s even a school bus on this ship. The sachool repairs are going along at a fast pace. Cancaryn has a new cafeteria in process, Lockhart classrooms are more in place than not and work is progressing at Peace Corp, Oliver and Kean school.

Art Critic In Residence

We have an art critic in residence. He is setting up appointments with artists in the territory. If you are an artist who would like to hear the comments of this expert, call 774-8900. He’s on St. John the 23 to 25th and St. Thomas 26th to the 30th. And on St. Croix from July 31 to August 2.


  • On the Calendar Monday: East End Lions Club will host a Disaster Preparedness Workshop at Anna’s retreat Senior Citizen’s Center at 10 AM until noon. Come and get prepared.
  • Tonight is a special meeting for Lcokhart Elementary PTA. You’re meeting at 6 PM At CAHS with Mr Lewis Hughes, the governors inspector of the monduar classrooms.
  • Horse Racing Commission members are meeting at 5:30 at the Offices of Housing Parks and Recreation in Subbase.
  • Omega Psi Phi Fraternity is holding a formal meeting at 6:30 J.U.B. King and Associates.
  • Small Business Development Center is hosting a disaster preparadness seminar for business people its about protecting your records, inventory and disaster planning. That’s Thursday at 6:30 at VITEMA HQ

Finally This:

On this Hurricane supplication day remember that when we rise again we come up stronger and more resilient. On this Hurricane supplication day take some action so that you conquor the storm. Do some storm preparation work. Rebuild something. Do your paperwork. Seize this opportunity. Set an acheivable goal. And Do It today. You can do it, that’s the good news.