Friday, July 12, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


FEMA is here to Help

President Clinton declared the Virgin Islands eligible for natural disaster assistance which means 75% of the debris removal costs are covered by federal aid, and there are repair loans for the 1400 homes damaged in Bertha.

FEMA Reps on Island

FEMA representatives are on St. Thomas to assist you with federal aid. You have to register. The phone number 800-462-9029 (800-462-7585 TDD) Rental assistance is available if your home is completely destroyed. There are grants for minimal immediate repairs.

Emergency Repair Sites

The Emergency repair centers are at the following locations: in St. John at Sen Liburd’s office. In St. Thomas the places are Sen Celestino White’s Office, Tutu Mall, The Administrator’s office across from the 1829, and at the Livestock Association in Bonne Esperance. In St. Croix it is Sunshine Mall, Sunny Isle Shopping Center and Florence Williams Library.

WAPA Almost Done

WAPA’s system is mostly up. Today they are working on feeder 10B from Havensight to to Frenchman’s Reef and Water Island. On St. John they are working on Chocolate Hole, Fish Bay and East End sections.

Rio Grande

The King of the Bands William Champaigne Chandler and Queen of the Band Sarah Lockhart will be representing the Virgin Islands in Rio Grande. The Elskoe troupe will be on hand to see Dorothy Elskoe honored in Rio Grande.

Duct Banks

This could be the best news of the day, the Governor asked the utilities, federal highway Administration and the Virgin Islands Government to create duct banks along our highways for all our utilities. The Governor is committed to hazard mitigation and will seek FEMA funds.

Exercise is Good, any will do…

The US Surgeon General says all of us can benefit from a modest amount of regular exercise.. 60 % of American’s do not get regular exercise. 25% get no exercise at all. Walking, bicycling, even gardening for 30 minutes can improve your health. Go for a brisk walk, swim, wash and wax the car, push a baby stroller half an hour. – It is all good exercise.


  • Kean High Alumni Association is holding an emergency meeting on Friday the 12th at 6 PM at McDonald’s Tutu, All officers and committee members please attend.

Good News Guys

The Good News Guy’s Heros of the Day are the folks at the motor vehicle registry who got me in and out in less than an hour with a pile of stuff to do. The whole process is a lot better than it used to be. Efficient government offices, that’s good news. Only next year when the inspection guy tells me to go to window Number One, I’ll know which one he means. But by next year I may forget which window Number One to go to…