Wednesday, January 15, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Governor Schneider Rearranges his Commissioners

Governor Schneider rearranged his commissioners yesterday announcing that Dean Luke would move to the Dept of Property and Procurement and former senator Osbert Potter will take over Licensing and Consumer Affairs. The Governor has asked the legislature to confirm Liston Davis and Wylie Whisonant to their posts He also has a long list of nominations that are waiting for senate action.

Governor Proposes Several Laws

The Governor submitted several major bills to the legislature. One would securitize our delinquent real estate taxes by selling the debt and letting someone else collect. The Governor proposed a fee on Automatic Teller Machine transactions, that would tax visitors and locals who use bank machines. Another bill would increase WAPAís bond ceiling to fund capital improvements. The Governor also has a law in front of the legislature called the Employment Termination Act to replace our Wrongful Discharge Law. This law sets the rights and claims of employees and requires arbitration and mediation to settle disputes. He has also proposed some fine tuning changes to the casino gaming law and another on handicapped parking spaces, and a proposal for anti-litter enforcement.

New Senate Rules on Decorum

The Legislature passed new rules on decorum yesterday. Members must “desist from verbally or physically attacking any other member of the body, legislative employee or member of the public during any session or meeting of the legislature.” Other rules changes allow the Senate president to hire staff without waiting for the rules committee to act.

Delegate Working to Save Rum revenues

Delegate Green is mounting an effort save the governmentís rum revenue. The Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trade calls for all nations to end tariffs and duties on all beer and distilled spirits which could flood the US mainland with duty free rum from other countries. Delegate Green said she has enlisted the support of Congressman Rangle on the House Ways and Means Committee to keep our rum revenues intact.

Campo Rico Pipe Fixed

Campo Rico beach is getting better. Public Works cleaned 4,650 feet of pipeline and removed years of buildup that was causing the trouble. All Clear. Now wait for the water testing before you swim.

Coming Up:

  • Arts Alive has the duo from Italy tonight with Andrea Griminelli and Luigi Verrini at Tillets Garden. 
  • The Housing Authority is offering a class about how to buy a home. The class starts January 22 and meets every Wednesday through mid-March. Call 774-5792 
  • Downstreet People meeting at 5:45 at the Labor building to discuss their 10th anniversary plans and the 1997 membership drive. 
  • There’s a workshop this evening at CAHS about college financial aid for all seniors. It is at 5:30 PM. 
  • All Carnival Troupe leaders are meeting at 5:30 PM today at CAHS Cafeteria – please park in back. 
  • On Thursday there is a meeting for all bands who want to participate in Carnival. Brass bands, Scratch bands, disc jockeys and steel bands are all to come at 6:30 PM Thursday at Carnival headquarters.

Americaís Cup Challenge Telethon at STA

The Virgin Islands Americaís Cup Challenge Telethon is continuing today. I urge all good news makers to pledge support to the rebirth of our marine industry. We donít have the mountains for skiing, but we have a world class marine environment with ideal conditions for sailing all year round. The effort we make now to seek the top prize in sailing, will showcase our Virgin Islands and help the rebirth of our marine industry. We need lots of individual and Community support. Call 690-3333 or 690-6666 and make a pledge.