Wednesday, January 08, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The Governor said, Be Trailblazers in Education

The Blue Ribbon Education Commission met at Governor House yesterday for marching orders from the Governor. He told them to become trailblazers and come up with ideas that are unique to create a better education system in the territory. Sen Richards, who is on the Commission, said he wants to make sure we are delivering the basics of reading and writing. Mark Marin of Antilles School says that the key to excellence is accountability to a local board who can review teachers performance and motivate them to improve.

Virgin Islands Gasoline Price Survey

Licensing and Consumer Affairs announced the gasoline price survey for the last 8 months. St. Thomas gas prices have been unstable. Over 8 months premium and regular cost more. Up 2 cents in the spring, stable in the summer price freeze but October sent St. Thomas Gas up 5 cents. St. Croix gas has been stable and St. John gasoline prices were up and down, but stable overall.

Grant to Fight Racism

Good news from the Women’s Coalition of St. Croix. They have been awarded a grant of $5,000 from the World Council of Churches to combat racism on St. Croix. They will hold training workshops to train anti-racism advocates to do the work in the community.

Math Teacher Alert

I told you yesterday they need a math teacher job at New Horizons Alternative school? Call Dr Bello at 777-8344 Well here is an interesting tie in. Toyota is offering grants for innovative ways to teach math, up to $10,000 for new math ideas. Someone who loves math is going to get a job and a grant. Wouldn’t that be good news. Toyota contact is 703-620-9840. There is another search for excellence in education from Salle Mae, the government school loan people. They are looking for one outstanding educator in each state to win a trip to Washington and $1500 cash. Contact the insular superintendent to apply.

Web Page Grants for Teachers

Here’s more grant money for teachers. The ThinkQuest challenge has a million dollars in grants for teachers who work with students in teams to create excellent educational pages for the World Wide Web. Grants of $25,000 per student are available. You have to do it on the world wide web. Contact ThinkQuest at

New Dive Guide

The Dept. of Tourism has their new dive guide out with information on the best places to explore the underwater beauty of our islands. The new guide lists dive operators on all islands and includes a calendar of events. 800-372-USVI

Bouys in the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is improving their appeal to boat owners by placing new buoys in places like Anegada harbor and Jost Van Dyke harbor. There’s a new marker on Oyster Rock ad plans for new markers on Beef Island Bluff, Trellis Bay and St. Thomas Bay on Virgin Gorda. That’s the British Virgin Islands making their yachting waters more appealing.

New Newsletter

There is a new religeous newsletter out and it is worth a read. In Him is produced by the Mount Zion Research Center. It’s a professional publication with a message for readers that lifts the spirit. Gilford Monrose says that subscriptions are free so call him at 775-4966 and get a copy of In Him.

Did You See a 6 foot Rabbit?

If you see a 6 foot rabbit walking around town, don’t call the police. The rabbit is one of the many faces of Pat Reilly, a man who calls himself a Service Tourist. He is visiting St. Thomas for part of this winter and unlike the people who go to the beach, this guy has been showing up all over town to lend a hand. He’s been a science teacher aid Cancaryn school, painted the walls at Red Cross, and volunteer guide at the Pissarro Exhibit. Sometimes the rabbit shows up at the hospital just to entertain the kids. Pat Rielly says people are the treasure and by volunteering he gets to meet wonderful people in the community. And if you see a 6 foot rabbit, go shake a paw. That’s Pat Reilly’s good news. What a way to visit Paradise.