Tuesday, January 21, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Five Escaped From Jail, Three Went Back.

Itís 75 degrees in St. Thomas. At the top of the news, five youths escaped from the Youth Rehabilitation Center Monday morning. The good news is that three of the five have turned themselves back in to authorities. Meanwhile two others remain at large. Police are still seeking Nicholas Albert and Rashawn Lewis.

Omnibus Territories Act

Delegate Green announced that the Omnibus Territories Act is being introduced in the Senate Energy Committee today. The act is of importance to us since it will allow the government to issue parity bonds and establishes the Federal Commission to study our economy. The delegate will be holding town meetings on the topic next week.

New American High Schools

The schools will participate in a live satellite Town Meeting this evening from 8 to 9 called the New American High Schools. Itís all about preparing youth for college and careers. You will be able to see the programs on Channel 10 in St. Thomas and Channel 5 in St. Croix. During the program, USW Secretary of Education Richard Riley will investigate ideas and strategies for helping students to learn high levels of academic and professional skills. There is limited room to participate in the meeting in the Education Video Conference Center. Thatís this evening

Good news at Bovoni.

Good news at Bovoni. Phase One is over. Foster Wheeler has submitted its report to the Governor. That brings to an end the evaluation process. Now Dept. of Public Works has announced that the request for Proposals is ready to go out to begin Phase 2 for the 34 acre Bovoni landfill. This phase will see the containment of fires,. Excavation of combustible materials, mitigation of environmental and safety risks and the management of recovered and disposable materials. Good News for Bovoni.

Black history month

Black history month is almost here and the Virgin Islands Humanities Council wants to remind you that they maintain a Humanities resource Center that houses historically relevant materials. Call 776-4044 to find our how you can draw upon their resources for your study of Black History Month.

Americaís Cup Challenge Opens Store

The Americaís Cup Challenge says they are excited by the results of their fund raising challenge but we have no word yet whether they signed that top design team. They did sign on new partners who find corporate sponsor for major sports. And the Americaís Cup Challenge has opened a new store in Crown Bay right next to Tickles Restaurant. Call 774-9090 Go buy a T-Shirt and get on board.

Whatís Cooking at Lockhart School?

For the first time in more than a year the Home Economics class has a stove and that means things are cooking at Lockhart. Ms. Jacobs class, now called Consumer Economics didn’ít have a stove, and Senator Roosevelt David did something about it. He asked American Furniture to help and they made a new electric stove available to Consumer Economics Class. Now Ms Jacobs can teach about baking cookies without having to draw on the studentís imagination. Cookies for Home Ec, thatís Good News!

Gumbs in France for Music Event

Alfred Gumbs also known as Al G, the promoter of Conscious Reggae is in France at a giant music event called the Reed Midem. Held once a year in Cannes France Gumbs will be promoting his records at this showcase of music. That’s Alfred Gumbís Good news.

Coming Up:

  • The community meeting regarding the Bovoni Landfill is tonight at Bovoni Baptist Church at 6:30 PM It is an informational meeting and attorney’s will be present to answer your questions. 
  • Sen. Adlah Fonsie Donastorg had planned a luncheon to honor Viola Smith and Alicia Saddler. Due to a death in the family, the luncheon has been moved to February 9th. Call 774-4518 
  • Did you serve on a jury between August 12th and December 2nd? Your check is at the district court Room 310 in the Federal Building. 
  • Rural Health Outreach Program is at Paul Pearson Gardens until 2:00 PM for blood pressure checks, cholesterol screening and diabetes screening. 
  • UVI Cooperative Extension has a class on Clothing Construction starting tomorrow call 693-1073 That’s tomorrow. 
  • UVI is also in St. John today at cooperative Extension above Joe’s Discount Store to counsel businesses in marketing and financial strategies.