Tuesday, January 14, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Governor Says The State of the Territory May Be Ailing But Itís Stable

Governor Schneider gave his state of the territory address last night. He’s a doctor, and expressed the state of the territory the way a doctor would. The condition of the territory is stable and somber and the prognosis for a full recovery is good. He apologized if his actions in the past have offended anyone, but the problems were urgent and action was required. The Governor says we have debts to pay, 59 million for income tax refunds, 20 million in vendor payments and 111 million in retro pay. He says our obligations will be met. He has cut government department money by 10% and more cuts are coming. He says our revenues are down. Normally we earn 1.4 million a month in hotel taxes. Thatís been as low as 200,000 a month. He opened the possibility of selling off delinquent tax debt to raise funds and the possibility of selling part of WAPA. He is also calling for a review of all government employees – who is chronically tardy, on sick leave, incompetent, rude or insubordinate.

Successes Too

The Governor says there have been successes too. Motor vehicle registration has been greatly improved. The one stop business licensing has begun. Roads projects have been completed, The north side has bus service. Our disabled children came home to the Sea View Nursing home. Cruise ship passengers to St. Croix is up 34%. We brought our schools out of double sessions and building repairs are in the planning stage. There have been improvements in combating crime. The rate of major crime is almost unchanged but the rate of arrest is up by 13%.

Senate Sworn In

The 22nd legislature was sworn into office yesterday and organizing a new majority under Lorraine Berry. Despite lots of grumbling from the minority, the Senate President called for a focus on getting out of debt and back to prosperity. She pointed to the business community and called for a positive approach toward business. She also highlighted the needs of women and the Americaís Cup challenge as new topics that need new thinking.

Dr Donna Christian Green Says Territoryís Bill in the Senate

Dr Donna Christian Green said that the Omnibus Territories Bill was re-introduced into the relevant Senate Committee. The bill calls for allowing the Governor to remain in power while out of town, it would allow us to issue parity bonds and establish an Economic Studies Commission.

Virgin Islands Americaís Cup Challenge Pledges

The Virgin Islands Challenge for the Americaís Cup announced major support today from Cardow Jewelers and on the air today dozens of people stepped up to support the challenge. This is a world class sporting event that highlights our excellent marine environment. We might not have a Olympic basketball team but we can field a world class Americaís Cup team. We can win the Americaís Cup all we have to do is all chip in our part. On Addieís Morning Show, dozens of individuals called in to pledge support to the Virgin Islands Americaís Cup Challenge. You Can Help Call 809-690-1111 and make a pledge to support the challenge for the Americaís Cup.

Coming Up:

  • Starfest 3 is coming up. Audition forms are in the Daily News. The deadline to return them is Friday of this week. 
  • The Adult Academic Enhancement Program began today at the Mission Skills Center Vitraco Mall Call 776-8133 
  • On Wednesday is the meeting of all Carnival Troupe leaders at 5:30 PM at CAHS Cafeteria – please park in back to no disturb night school. 
  • On Thursday there is a meeting for all bands who want to participate in Carnival. Brass bands, Scratch bands, disc jockeys and steelbands are all to come at 6:30 PM Thursday at Carnival headquarters.

Bicycle Safety

It seems prophetic. We told you Friday that the Police are going to enforce bicycle safety laws in a stepped up campaign to keep riders within the rules. Remember, bells, ringing the bell when entering an intersection. Well a 19 year old on a bicycle lost his life yesterday in a bicycle accident with a truck. The good news is that you can still teach your children about basic bicycle safety and perhaps prevent this from happening again. You make the god news. Then tell us, weíll tell everyone.

New American High Schools Project

Liston Davis announced that the schools will participate in a live satellite Town Meeting on January 21st from 8 to 9pm. The project is called the New American High Schools and the program will be available on Channel 5 in St. Croix and Channel 10 in St. Thomas. There is limited room to participate in the meeting in the Education Video Conference Center.