Thursday, January 03, 1997

US Virgin Islands

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U.S.V.I. – Presidential Update

President William Jefferson Clinton is visiting St. Thomas and enjoying a relaxing vacation at one of the finest beaches in the world. The President, with Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton are staying at the Sand Dollar Estate in Peterborg. The estate is an excellent choice as the security there is easy to manage. The Vice President visited the same place with the whole Gore family when they came to St. Thomas. The Sand Dollar has its own private beach as well as swimming pools and comfortable surroundings. The houses on either side have been made available to the Secret Service. Peterborg is on a peninsula sticking into the Atlantic side of St. Thomas and it forms one side of Magens Bay. At the base of Magens Bay is the famous beach that attracts thousands of visitors.

On Thursday the President took a full day holiday. There were unconfirmed report that he had taken in some golf, but a shower postponed the golf party. He was reported to be reading two books about the Irish in America.

On Friday it was reported that the President is enjoying his vacation. He spent Friday morning resting and relaxing then around 10 AM his group took off from Red Hook for St. John and a visit to the National Park. It is expected that the President will snorkel the National Park underwater trail in Trunk Bay. There is still talk of the President going to the Childrens Parade on St. Croix but that has not been confirmed. There is also an unconfirmed Hillary sighting on Raphune Hill at Deja Vu.

The President isnt just vacationing. He announced the recipients of the National Medal of Arts Citing artists and musicians including Lionel Hampton and the Boys Choir of Harlem.

The President is expected to remain in St. Thomas through the middle of January 5th before returning to the White House.

Vacation conditions in St. Thomas are excellent. Day temperatures have been in the mid-80s with evening temperatures in the low 70s. Winds have been out of the north and east at a steady 12-15 knots and the water is crystal clear to 35 feet. Fishing conditions are reported to be excellent with bill fishing enjoying its best season in years. Sailors are reporting the sailing conditions as ideal and divers say the same for the current scuba conditions.