Saturday, January 11, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Lorraine Berry Revised Her Majority – Swearing In is Coming up

Lorraine Berry reminded everyone that she did not seek to be the Senate President. Since the announcement of the original ten person majority there has been time for reflection and deeper examination of values, she has honed her majority to seven senators plus herself and they are prepared to be sworn in on Monday.

Senate Swearing in On Monday

The swearing in of the senate is scheduled for Monday morning at the legislature building at 10:00 AM followed by a reception with music and entertainment by the Rising Stars Steel Orchestra. The public is invited. Governor Schneiderís State Of The Territory address is coming up on Monday evening 7:00 PM We will bring it to you live on WSTA.

Prestige Air just couldn’ít get it off the ground

Prestige Airlines is suspending operations to St. Thomas and St. Croix from Miami. The airline will continue to fly, but not to our islands. You remember they were proposed as a partner airline for the Virgin Islands, maybe that idea can be revisited. Weí’vebeen told over and over that we need more airline seats. But, Prestige Air just couldn’ít get it off the ground.

Nigel Hodge Foundation

Nigel Hodge Foundation has a big thank you to the local businesses that support the Foundations Work. Here are the thanks youís to Sunrise Pharmacy, Drug Farm, Pueblo, Cost-U-Less, Plaza Extra, Draughting Shaft, K-Mart, Wendyís and WSTA.

Crack Bust on Crystal Gade

Another crack cocaine haven has been shut down. This time at #5 Crystal Gade. (CRYSTAL Gade? Who is writing this?!?) The police say they had been observing the place for 6 months and moved in evict the residents. No more details now, the Police and going after the bigger fish. When they catch em, youíll hear it here.

Coming Up:

  • Virgin Islands Carnival Music subcommittee is calling all bands to an important meeting this Thursday at Carnival headquarters. 
  • Amateur Gardeners and flower arrangers are reminded of the 3rd Annual St. Croix Flower Festival begins today through Monday at the St. George Botanical garden. 
  • Entrepreneur and self made millionaire Dave Rolfe is the guest speaker tonight at a buffet dinner at the Renaissance Grand Beach resort. The topic is the principles of wellness. Call 775-6378 
  • Fun Lover’s Carnival troupe will meet at 6:00 PM at the Fun Lovers Mas Camp 775-0881 
  • The Moravians have a prayer breakfast at the Nisky Fellowship Hall. Mr George Ramsey of Barbados will speak on Walking with my Neighbor 
  • Coming Up tomorrow : St. Thomas Association of Roadrunners is holding a Martin Luther King Jr. 5K road race at Schneider Hospital. Registration begins at 6 AM

It Works – We Found the Car!

Yesterday WSTA called on everyone to help us find Cora Thomasí Well Cora Thomasí car was found in Smithís Bay Someone saw it based on the description on the air and called the police. Thanks to everyone who helped Cora get her car. Thatís Cora Thomasí good news.