Saturday, January 04, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


No Broccoli for the President !?!?

The President went to dinner last night at Zorba’s on Government Hill. He ordered a dish that featured broccoli. Alas, the cupboard was bare, no broccoli for the President. They dispatched the cook to Herve. No broccoli. Next door at the 1829, no broccoli there, either. The President had chick pea hummus and a vegetable platter without the broccoli. Zorba’s owner Jimmy Boukas said he had no idea they were coming. When the secret service called, he said Yeah, Right. OK Restaurateurs. Let’s make sure we have broccoli for the First Family tonight.

New Bus Route

Beginning Monday VITRAN will offer a new bus route from Contant via Hospital Gade and Mafolie Hill up through Saint Peter Mountain Road through Four Corners up to Estate Pearl. There will be three trips every day at 7:45, 1 o’clock and 5:30.

Children’s Parade

The Childrens parade yesterday was full of colour and music. The 31 entries included steel pan bands and beauty queens. Arthur Richard’s School had a Fantasy of the Universe float including dozens of students in full scale festival regalia. The Original Mocko Jumbies under Alli Paul’s were spectacular in multicolored costumes and a 10 foot tall display. The St. Croix Festival adult parade is today at 10 AM. The Post office is closed and everything else for the parade.

Bio-Ethics Conference

Bioethics will be the topic of a series of workshops being sponsored by the Schneider Hospital. The workshops are being offered each day next week between 10 and noon at the Hospital Conference Room. Dr Robert Veatch of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University will be the featured presenter. The first presentation is on Monday, January 6th at 10 AM and everyone in the health care community is invited.

Calypso Queen

The new Queen of Calypso on St. Croix says it is all about hard work. She is no new-comer to the calypso world. Her father trained her from childhood. She says that the men in the competition didn’t come to congratulate her. Too bad, she’s good. She took the contest with her song called We are Losing Our Youth, a call to all parents to be good role models for the children. That’s good news from the Calypso Queen.

Who’s That Playing Golf with the President?

Finally this, the official report on President Clinton’s golf game yesterday says he had a round with two associates from Washington, Dr and Mrs. Marshall and there was no fourth. However, eyewitnesses reported to the Good News guy that while Irving Brownie Brown was not the fourth for golf with the President, Walter was seen playing the 14th hole at Mahogany Run Golf Course with the Chief Executive. That’s Walter’s Good news.