Monday, January 27, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The Americaís Cup Challenge Has Good News

Cellular One is getting on board as a major sponsor of the Virgin Islands Americaís Cup Challenge. Maurice Krug is matching a donation from Vitelcellular and he is inviting all local and regional telecommunications companies to match his sponsorship. They are buying a winner. Peter Holmberg was at Floridaís Key West Race Week where he finished one half point out of first place.

Electricity to Cost MoreÖ

WAPA says that the cost of fuel has been climbing and that will increase utility bills. WAPA needs to adjust the price they charges for electricity. The increase is part of a cost of fuel adjustment and should add about $4.30 to an average residential electricity bill.

St. Croix to Get More Harbour Nights.

Harbor Nights are going to continue on St. Croix. Carnival Cruise Lines has contracted to dock at St. Croix every other Wednesday throughout 1997. Local merchants can get involved by calling 771-2254.

Senate Hearings

The Committee on Labor will be holding hearings on Wednesday on the hiring practices of Brown and Root. Thatís on Wednesday at 10:00 AM at the Legislative Conference room in Frederiksted. On Thursday the Rules Committee will hold confirmation hearings on Liston Davis for Commissioner of Education and Wylie Whisonant for Commissioner of Tourism.

Education Workshops

Dept. of Education is holding a series of special workshops on the school wide enrichment education program for the total school improvement. The enrichment program has been in testing in 12 schools and is ready for deployment to all our schools. The workshops will be held February 10 to 13 at Windward Passage and if you are interested call Phil Blake at 774-4399

Water Hauler Inspections

Water haulers are reminded that the Dept. of Licensing and Consumer Affairs has to inspect and register all water haulers during January and February, The inspections are conducted Monday through Thursday and you need an appointment. Call 777-4577

United Way Progress – $80K to go

United Way keeps making progress. There is one week left to go in United Wayís Campaign with $80,000 in pledges yet to go.

Rural Health Outreach Van

Rural Health Outreach Van is on St. John today for Vision Testing, Diabetes, Prostate Dental Screening, Cholesterol and Blood pressure. From 9 AM to 2:00 PM

League of Women Voterís

League of Women Voterís has a luncheon today at noon when they will host the members of the 22nd legislature and the topic will be discussion of the agenda before this legislature.

Nigel Hodge Foundation

Nigel Hodge Foundation helps families where a child has cancer, They have been raising funds and public attention to childhood cancer and they got a boost from some local companies. Nigel Hodge Foundation has a big Thank you for First Choice, Diamond Barrel Restaurant, Jerryís Bakery, Sweets and Eats, Quick Picís, Tutu Mall Laundry, Elegance 2, Education Station, Home town convenience store, Mamaís House of Roti, Julieís Euniceís Terrace, Tropical Deli and Heartland Mart Groceries.