Monday, January 13, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Does Lorraine Berry have a Majority? Senate Sworn in Today

The 22nd legislature was sworn into office today at 10:52 AM in a public ceremony on the grounds of the legislature. They moved to the senate chambers to hold their organizing session. All eyes are on Lorraine Berryís majority. Her alliance with Alicia “Chucky” Hansen came apart. So did the ten person majority she had a few weeks back. Sen. Lorraine Berry still has a majority to seven senators plus herself and they are expected to control the first session. Youíll hear the first session here.

State of the Territory

Governor Schneiderís State Of The Territory address is coming up on Monday evening 7:00 PM We will bring it to you live on WSTA.

Keep the Bugs Out!

Did you know that the Pink Mealey Bug can damage crops. Crops like hibiscus, sorrel, soursop, sugar apple, string beans and other plant species. We donít have the pink mealey bug here and Commissioner of Agriculture Petersen wants to keep it that way. We all have to be careful that we donít bring the pink mealey bug here and thatís why visitors canít bring live plants from other islands.

Gone Fishing – NOT!

The British Virgin Islands are telling US fishermen to keep out. No more visiting their favorite fishing sites in the BVI. The year of grace is over and the BVI are not honoring last years fishing licenses and not taking new license applications from our fishing boat captains.

Signís Up

The sign law for the historic district is going to get new enforcement and that means signs in the downtown historic district must conform to the law. The law says no lettering on the awnings, and no that means a some main street businesses are not in compliance. In fact, only a few of the businesses in the historic district are in compliance.

Coming Up:

  • Virgin Islands Carnival Music subcommittee is calling all bands to an important meeting this Thursday at Carnival headquarters. 
  • UVI registration for the spring semester is happening today on campus from 9 to 4.
  • And on St. Croix, Adult Education Classes begin today at the Dunbavin Complex in Le Grande Princess. Registration is going on all week in the evening at the St. Croix Education Complex.

Juvenile Fire-setters workshop

Participating agencies in St. Thomas and St. Croix are reminded on the Juvenile Fire-setters workshop begins today the 13 on St. Thomas and tomorrow the 14th on St. Croix Itís called Combating Juvenile Fire-setters and it isnít a class on how to set fires, itís a class on how understand the Juvenile fire-setters problems, how to intervene and build a program to keep the fires out.

Nigel Hodge Foundation

Nigel Hodge Foundation has a big thank you to the local businesses that support the Foundations Work. The Nigel Hodge Foundation works through the Community Foundation and thanks your neighborhood businesses help helping their charity work. Thanks you Sunrise Pharmacy, Drug Farm, Pueblo, Cost-U-Less, Plaza Extra, Draughting Shaft, K-Mart, Wendyís and WSTA.

Honors for Our Students

The Arthur Richards Jr HS held an induction for their Honor Society. Among the new students with the top honors. They include: Herrington Augustin Jr. Nikky Alicia Cole,. Urania Edwards, Amira Jameela Hamid, David Issac JR. Bernardett Kristy Jno-Finn, Zina Veronica Peters, Harold Smith, Wynante Jean, Akima Williams, Ammiel Berhene Williams and Jahmai O. Williams.