Monday, January 06, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Goodbye Mr. President and Thanks for all the Memories.

The President left St. Thomas Sunday evening amid little fanfare. He got just what he wanted this week – rest, relaxation, swimming, and taking the day off. While the President stayed in Peterborg, all the staff were at the Renaissance Grand and Saturday evening, the Governor hosted a reception for the press and some 200 other local people. The press was all there, but it was off the record and there were no speeches.

Clinton on the Beach

Also on Sunday, the President swam to Magen’s Bay. And walked the beach shaking hands and talking with people. This President enjoys talking with the folks. He took in more golf at Mahogany Run Golf Course and had another pass at the Devil’s Triangle, the 14th hole.

Man of the People

Every one who saw or met the President during this week has reported that he was thoroughly enjoying himself. The national media has been full of news of terrible weather in the Northwest. Several states have suffered federal disaster level snow and flooding. The stark contract of our crystal clean water and perfect weather will linger long in the minds of people all over America.

Clinton Eats “Old Wife” at Eunice’s terrace

The buzz of Smith’s Bay was the Saturday evening last minute dinner the Clinton’s enjoyed at Eunice’s Terrace. I saw the security staff eating there throughout the president’s visit. Right after Saturday evening’s reception at Renaissance, the President dropped into Eunices Terrace for dinner. He had the Conch Fritters and Old Wife followed by the famous Rum Ball. He loved it all. And that means Eunice’s terrace will have a Clinton platter from now on. That’s Enuice Best’s Good news.

St. Croix Festival – Power Overload!

Do you really need electricity for a festival? Not in St. Croix where two power failures didn’t dampen the spirit. The Festival Village lost power over the weekend but the good news is that the festivities continued without the power. During yesterday’s parade the Christiansted streets were thick with people. It was a standing room only crowd across from Government House. The streets were alive with the color, sound and festivities of the Adult parade.

Disney Joins FCCA

Mickey Mouse is joining the FCCA. Well, more accurately, the Disney Cruise Line is joining the FCCA, you remember, they just held their convention here last October. Disney Cruise lines is not currently sailing to St. Thomas, but offers a package of three says at Disney World and a cruise to Disney’s own island Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. Maybe they’ll open a new island here too.

Red Cross Classes on CPR and more

The Red Cross is offering a series of training workshops that will teach you useful things. Like the cardiopulmonary resuscitation Class, that’s CPR. You will learn what to do in a life threatening situation until professional help can come. Red Cross is also offering the basic first aid class as well as technical workshops on how to manage a person with a neck injury or a back injury. You can learn lifesaving skills from red Cross. Call them at 774-0375.

New Bus Stops

Today is the first day of the new bus service for the north shore. The route includes stops at Jarvis School, Mafolie Hotel, Sib’s Mountain Bar, Sibilly school, Botanical gardens, Four Corners, Dorothea Agriculture Station and Estate Pearl Intersection at Route 301. The times are 7:45, 1:05 and 5:35.

No to the Nukes, Mr. President

Virgin Islands Environmentalists held a press conference over the weekend asking the President to keep nuclear waste out of our area. All regional governments have protested the shipment of plutonium in the Caribbean. But we get our foreign policy from the top so the environmentalists are asking the President to make this a nuclear free zone. Over 2% of the residents of these islands have signed petitions to halt waste shipments in our area.

Bio Ethic’s Workshops.

Bio-ethics will be the topic of a series of workshops being sponsored by the Schneider Hospital. The workshops are being offered each day next week between 10 and noon at the Hospital Conference Room. The first presentation is today at 10 AM and everyone in the health care community is invited.