Friday, January 31, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The Governor Made Progress On Rum Revenues

The Governor made progress in the rum revenue matter. The US Trade Representative has agreed to a compromise where certain rums will be exempted from the GATT trade agreement. That will save us some rum tax revenues. The Governorís compromise will help all Rum produces in the Caribbean.

Whisonant and Davis in a Landslide

The Senate Rules Committee voted unanimously yesterday to approve the nominations of Liston Davis and Wylie Whisonant. The Senate believes these are the right men for the jobs. Davis had a case of arson to deal with last night, someone set a fire at the Ulla Muller School. The Good News – the arson attempt has prompted the Dept. to deploy more security guards at the school.

Tourism Ideas

Wylie Whisonant has his hands full too, the Senatorís ideas for projects would stretch the Dept. budget. Whisonant said they donít have the money to do everything. More restrooms and manned tourist kiosks are changes heíd make.

Hearings on Omnibus Territories Act Continue

More than 50 people came to the town meetings on the Omnibus Territories Act. Most speakers favored the changes. One suggested it be put to a public referrendum. Others expressed fears that the act could damage the territory, but most it as helpful to our economy. Hearings continue this evening at the Education Dept Kingshill St. Croix at 7:00 PM The Governor stated his opinion this morning that the proposed amendments to the Organic Act should be beneficial to the Virgin Islands.

Board of Contractors

Senate Majority Leader Carol Burke says that the recent removal of a contractors license requires that we have a Board of Examiners like the Medical examiners to watch over the construction industry. She has introduced legislation to create a Board of General Contractors and Draftsmen to certify our contractors and monitor their compliance with good business practice.

Governor Schneider Seeks Union Help

Governor Schneider asked the leadership of the Central Labor Council to help him improve the quality of service delivered by the Territorial government. The Governor wants help terminating people who aren’ít focused on customer service and productivity. In a call to get the politics out of economic development. He used his classroom teaching skills to show how his new initiatives in the legislature will benefit the unions.

League of British Virgin Islands Has New Officers.

League of the British Virgin Islanders elected new officers. Edric Brathwaite is the new President, Leslie Milliner is VP, The Secretary is Ermine Stevens, Mario Adams is Treasurer and Marilyn Richardson is in charge of public relations.

Caribbean Colors

Itís Caribbean Colors time again and the exhibit is up and ready for you to come see it. The show is located at American Yacht Harbor Red Hook and it is open in the afternoons from 4 to 8:00 PM daily. The grand opening reception is Saturday at 5:30 PM

Emanuel Benjamin Oliver School Honors its Own

Coming Up Tomorrow: E. Benjamin Oliver school will honor Liston Davis and Leona Wheatley and 12 members of the staff whoí’ve been with the school since its founding 21 years ago. Thatís tomorrow at the National Guard Armory in Estate Nazareth at 8:00 PM

King Obstinate is in Town!

Oh and special good news – King Obstinate is in Town and heís bringing the Jumbie from Antigua with him. They will be appearing this evening at the Insomnia Night Club is Four Winds Plaza. Obsti is back. He makes good news.

Lobster Good News

Did you know that the Virgin Islands is losing its lobster population. Overfishing, pollution and encroachment on our mangroves have all made life harder for the spiny lobster. The Fish and Wildlife Division is taking action. They are making lobster collectors to collect lobster larvae and keep them safe until they are old enough to fend for themselves. Thatís good new for lobsters.