Friday, January 24, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


We are the Worldís Best Destination!

Hereís good news for everyone. St. Thomas received two major awards for the first time ever in the Dream Worlds Cruise Destinations Awards for 1996. The voting was done among members of the cruise line industry and St. Thomas took the top prize. We are the Worldís Best Destination. St. Thomas also won Best Destination In The Caribbean. We got an award for the Most Improved Port Facility, the Most Receptive Destination and we are the Best Information Providers. Wylie Whisonant says he is ecstatic to have St. Thomas declared the Worldís Best Destination. Say it again, Worldís Best Destination.

Governor to fight for Rum Revenue

Governor Schneider is back in St. Thomas from Washington DC where he had a series of meetings and calls with the key people who will decide whether we get to keep the rum revenues. The Rum revenues represent 10% of our governmentís revenues.

Brown and Root – Unfair

The Brown and Root employment report is out and it looks like the company had an unfair hiring practice that disadvantaged our workers. They paid our workers less and hired fewer of our workers than off-shore workers. And Brown and Root also failed to publish some of its job openings.

Labor Committee to review new Discharge Law

Senator Hansen announced that her committee on Labor would be handling the proposed Employment Termination Law. She says she will draw on a lot of collateral resources to insure that the bill gets all the research it deserves. Senator Hansen also gave testimony with Lt. Governor Mapp before Congress regarding our watch industry.

Americaís Cup Challenge gets Port Authority Support

The Port Authority has stepped up to the Virgin Islands Americaís Cup Challenge with a donation of $10,000. The port authority will waive all port fees for the Americaís Cup Challenge, and theyíll hang Americaís Cup banners in all our seaport and airport terminals. Cardowís Came on board the Americaís Cup Challenge with a 100,000 donation. And Michael Bornn is in Miami right now talking with the top yacht design team. Weíll keep you posted.

VITRAN Changing Schedule

VITRAN is improving the bus schedule. They are restoring the route through hospital grounds as of today. Now the city/UVI and City/Airport busses will travel on DeBeltgen Road, pass Winston Raymo Center continue around Lionel Roberts Stadium and turn onto Veterans Drive at the judicial complex. Oh, if you see someone vandalizing our busses, Call the police at 776-4844

United Way Makes Progress

United Way is really making progress. Vitelco answered the call. They told the VITELCO employees that if they raised 10,000 the company would put another 10,000 on top of their first 10,000. Thatís over $30,000 from Vitelco. Good Work. Vitelco is encouraging its workers to use automatic pay check deductions to support our community organizations. The United Way is 80% to goal because thousands of individuals make a pledge to our community organizations.

Carnival Queen Time

Itís Carnival Queen Time and the Carnival Committee is looking for young ladies ages 16 to 21 to compete in the 1997 Carnival Queen Pageant. Call Rosemarie Parson at 774-4372

St. Croix Rescue Seeks Members

St. Croix rescue is looking for new members to join the effort to make a safer community. The training begins Monday February 3rd and interviews for new members begins on Monday the 27th at Dr Donna Christian Greenís office in Richmond. 778-5735

Officer Brady Saves a Babyís Life

Officer Brady got a big Thank you from Latiffa White. Coincidentally during a drug raid in Bovoni, a nearby baby stopped breathing and Officer Brady was right there to perform the CPR and get the baby to the hospital. The baby is fine, and the mother is very happy and Officer Brady has a new shine on his halo.