Wednesday, February 11, 1998

US Virgin Islands

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Senate Honors Ruth E. Thomas – Twice

The Senate wanted to honor Ruth E Thomas. They established a scholarship fund for teacher education in honor of Ruth E. Thomas, then added naming the Auditorium to honor her too. Ruth E. Thomas said she isn’t interested in having things named for her, but she is very interested in developing the scholarship to help educate our teachers.

Today’s Photo: Full Moon Set

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 91 Degrees at 1 PM Skies: Sunny, Occasional Cloud Chance of Showers: Slight to 20%: Water Temp: Perfect Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready

When will QCC Be Ready?

The Government worker’s health insurance is still up in the air. CIGNA is still here but the new carrier, QCC will not be ready to cover the government employees until April 1st. One step that must be completed is for the Lieutenant Governor Mapp to issue QCC a licensee to operate the business in the Virgin Islands

Supreme Court Says NO to Oelsner

The last court of appeal is the US Supreme Court – when they are finished there answer is final. That’s where James Oelsner is now. He was originally sentenced on January 1996 for environmental crimes involving his ships in Krum Bay. He appealed and appealed and now the US Supreme Court says no, they will not review his case. So Oelsner is guilt and will begin a jail sentence for environmental crimes.

Road Work Continues – Get out of the Way

Dept. of Public Works is going to begin the re-paving of routes 384 and 386 in old Tutu and new Tutu today. Residents are reminded to remove all vehicles from the roadside or these cars will be towed at your expense.

Job Call:

The Job line is open and the Job Service has a job for a police officer, an adolescent worker, utilities maintenance supervisor, a social group leader, licensed practical nurse, special education teacher, Social worker, Tractor Trailer driver, a project manager in education and school-to-work coordinator.. Call the Job Service at 340-776-3700

Virgin Islands Housing Authority Contracts for Strategic Plan

The Virgin Islands Housing Authority has awarded a major contract to Dalton Association of St. Croix to perform a long term strategic plan for the Housing Authority. The first project is to examine all of the material that is the Housing Authority ‘s face to the community and all publications and public information.

Banco Popular Helps the Community

The money is here. The banks have released the funds to the government and the checks are starting to flow. You knew about the Swiss and Canadian banks, but the Swiss lowered their involvement and Banco Popular of Puerto Rico stepped in to make the difference. They are providing a significant percentage of the total loan. The checks are in the mail.

Big Thank You

A Big Thank You to the Montserrat Association for coming to the aid of E. Benjamin Oliver School. 20 members of the Montserrat Association came out over the weekend to clean up the grounds around the school that is named in honor Oliver who was originally from Montserrat. Dr. Emily Carter of the school thanked the Association for their concern and efforts. That’s the Montserrat Association making good news. Remember that ugly overturned trailer at Lockhart Elementary school? Well it is finally gone. A Big Thank You from Mario Frances of Lockhart PTA to the Louis Hughes and his crew at Public Works for getting rid of that trailer. There is one more storm damaged mess that is cleaned up.

On Today’s Calendar:

Food Fair Exhibitors will hold a meeting this evening at the fairgrounds to find out where their exhibits will be located at this year’s fair. The meting is at 5:30 PM Government Industrial Softball League and Dept. Housing Parks and Recreation have softball games at D. C. Canegata ballpark on Wednesday February 11 involving High School Vs. Camouflage and in the second game it is Territorial Court vs. Health. UVI Small Business Development Center has a seminar on How to Start a Business in the Virgin Islands. On St. Croix at Gertrude’s Restaurant at 6:00 PM and tomorrow on St. Thomas Nisky Center. To register call 776-3206. Department of Agriculture has Willis Collie of the USDA speaking about Market Opportunities in the Caribbean Basic on tonight at 7:00 PM and tomorrow on St. Croix at Cooperative Extension Service 12:30 Rotary 2 is holding its weekly meeting at Marriott’s Frenchman’s Reef with Dr. Valerie George speaking on progress in the Beacon Schools. vanna Eudora Kean School will distribute Report Cards during home room -. Leonard Dober school will also distribute Report Cards’s from noon to 3:00 PM Did you know it is Delta Week in the Virgin Islands? There’s a women’s forum at the UVI Student Activities Center today at 8:00 PM at the Student Activities Center on the topic of relationships and date rape. Virgin Islands Carnival Committee has a meeting of all troupe leaders today at 6:00 PM – at CAHS Cafeteria. Now you can visit the carnival on the World Wide Web at with the Prophecy Elementary PTA is meeting 6:00 PM – at the Church of God of Prophecy Chapel Federation of Teachers Building Representatives. At Palm Count of the Harbor View Hotel at 4:30 PM Committee to Revive Our Culture will meet at 5:00 PM – at the Native Arts and Crafts Cooperative. St. Thomas East Lions are meeting at Ann’s Retreat Senior Center at 7:00 PM Eagles Carnival troupe is meeting on Web February 11th at 7:00 PM – at the usual place by Sea Chest. WTJX-TV Channel 12 is presenting Alabama Return at 11:30 on February 11th

Water Island Report

Hummm, reviewing all the action of the last 24 hours, I can safely report that nothing happened. Safe for another 24 hours.

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