Tuesday, February 03, 1998

US Virgin Islands

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Governor Calls Special Session – Health Insurance

The Senate is meeting in Special Session this morning to consider a health insurance deal for the Government workers. The policy will begin on March 1st through February 1999 and will replace the CIGNA health insurance for government workers. Among the provisions is a requirement that all government workers come under the plan. The Senators are concerned because the policy comes into effect on March 1 with a tight time line to examine the plans.

Today’s Photo: Delta Gems get off the Ferry in Cruz Bay St. John

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 89 Degrees at 11 AM Skies: Sunny, Few Clouds Chance of Showers: Slight to 10%: Water Temp: Perfect Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready

WAPA is fixing water line in East End.

There is a WAPA crew working on an 18 inch water distribution line. Emergency work. They are going to have the water supply to the east end through 3:00 PM – today.

President’s Budget – More for Virgin Islands

The Federal budget just submitted by President Clinton to the US Congress includes a modest increase in funds devoted the Virgin Islands. The federal budget includes provisions to help the watch industry expand into jewelry. There are even dollars for neighborhood computer centers. And the federal budget includes funds for buying land at Salt River Bay on St. Croix . Child health care will increase four times over current spending from 300,000 to 1.2 million for child health care.

PTA National Affiliation Is Coming.

The island Parent Teacher Associations are coming together in a new unified PTA Congress for all schools in the territory. They are also working on gaining national affiliation with the National PTA. Mario Frances says we will get new resources from national affiliation. There are leadership training programs, supplies, and possible grants too. The cost of national affiliation is $1 per parent in each local PTA.

Small Business Administration Gets More Budget too

The Clinton Budget also includes an increase for the small business administration including 72 million for non-profit micro-loan lenders, The idea of the micro-loans is to get more of the people on welfare into their own small businesses.

Governor Signs Contracts

The Governor signed contracts with two St. Croix construction firms to begin renovations of the Adventure Hills Housing development and the old army barracks and for renovations at the Peter’s rest School.

Department of Education Says Teen Pregnancy is Down

Commissioner of Education Liston Davis is happy to report that the rate of teen pregnancy in the eh Virgin Islands is down from 340 in 1995 to 292 in 1996 He credits the special school for pregnant teens that removes them from the normal school setting.

Virgin Islands Students in Florida are OK

We have a report from Colonel Walker of VITEMA regarding the storm that hit Florida yesterday. The Virgin Islands students at Florida Memorial College are all OK. Despite damage to their buildings from high winds, all of the students were moved to the gym and they are all OK.

Synagogue to Get Renovation

With the new designation as a national historic landmark, the St. Thomas Synagogue is gearing up for a major renovation. The Synagogue is the second oldest in the western hemisphere and is famous for its sand floors. This summer they are going to do renovations to the structure and no they are not getting rid of the sand.

Coming Up:

Dept. of Public Works is almost finished with Donoe road. Please give the crews room to finish. They will start on Maud Proudfoot drive on Monday. Checking the Calendar – Traditional Indians are meeting at Vendors Plaza at 6:30 PM – for all old and new members. That’s it, if you’re not an Indian, stay home and help you kids with their homework. Coming Up Tomorrow: The Insurance Exam is scheduled for Wednesday February 4th at 10:00 AM – at the GERS Building. Please be there 15 minutes early to secure a place in the exam room

Water Island Report

You missed a fabulous Grand Opening of The Crazy Snail in the old L’Escargo building. While the new restaurant is on St. Thomas, the grand opening was like a meeting of the Water Island residents. We had them all: Warren Pond, the Blossers, the Colemans and all the top brass of WICA. Adam, Lena and Liam, Heidi and Larry, the Schneider family (not the Governor) Dominic Sudak and his whole family, Ian “Noddy” Exton and spouse, Ray and Judy from Island Block, Skinny Jerry and even Dotty Sparks and Peter DeBlanc of Cobex. It wasn’t a Water Island event, so it doesn’t count against out “No news is good news” gold standard, but it did bring out all the Water Island regulars. And mucic in honor of Barnacle Bill’s with Dick Solberg.

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