Friday, February 13, 1998

US Virgin Islands

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Governor Meets on Cormorant Hotel

The Governor met with the Attorney General, Legal council and the heads of labor to work on a response to the firings of 58 employees at Cormorant Hotel on St. Croix. There is a hearing on the firings today at the Dept of Labor at 2:00 PM. The employees of the Cormorant Hotel have called a meeting on Saturday at union office in Estate Whim. Labor Leader Tito Morales commended the Governor for his swift response to the firings. He has called on the AFL-CIO in Washington DC for legal assistance in the matter.

Today’s Photo: Great St James from the St. John Ferry

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 86 Degrees at 11 AM Skies: Sunny, Occasional Cloud Chance of Showers: Slight to 20%: Water Temp: Perfect Beach and Swimming Conditions: Sooo Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready

Sedonie Halbert to Head Human Services

The Governor has sent his nomination of Sedonie Halbert for head of the Dept. of Human Services to the Senate for their advice and consent. She is currently the acting commissioner and he wants her to be his permanent appointment.

Artists to Commemorate the Middle Passage

Artists from around the world are being invited to compete for the honor of creating a monument to the millions of enslaved Africans who died en-route to the new world. In July 1999 the artistic monument will be lowered into the Atlantic Ocean to memorialize those who died. There is a 50,000 purse to the aritst and the deadline is September 1 1998. Here’s the number 888-334-9229

New Offices

The Immigration and Naturalization Service is opening their new offices in Nisky Center this today. The new offices occupy the lower level of Nisky Center for a total of 16,140 square feet with a new secure facility, detention cells, and space for all the INS offices. There lease is for ten years with a 5 year option years. They’re opening today at 3:00 PM

Tax Talk

The IRB reminds all taxpayers that we have to file form 1040VI or 1040EZ, 1040A or the original 1040 with the IRB. Virgin Islands residents should file their returns in the Virgin Islands with the IRB. Don’t send your tax return to the US stateside Internal Revenue Service * office by mistake.

Two More Navy Ships

The Navy is back again. We have two ships coming to St. Thomas next week. The USS Doyle 244 on board will come on the 16th and the USS Supply with a crew of 667 will come in on Tuesday of next week.

Delegate Christian-Green is asking to move the Marine Conservation District

The delegate is coming to the defense of the fishermen and the marine community in asking the Caribbean Fishery Management Council to alter plans for a marine conservation district off the south coast of St. John. She says these grounds have provided a livelihood for fishermen over the years and there are other sites for the conservation district. The delegate has more good news, she moved up a seniority notch as a new congressman from NY was sworn-in. The delegate says Congressman Meeks has family in the Virgin Islands and she expects to be able to work with him.

Bond Ceiling Up for WAPA

The Governor signed legislation that will increase WAPA’s bond ceiling and authorizes the power company to purchase a new combustion turbine generator. The Governor also signed a bill into law that will permit the hospital to sell its outstanding accounts receivable to a collection business.

Coming Up:

Monday is a federal holiday and many offices are closed. The banks are closed, so is VITELCO Tomorrow is Food Fair on St. Croix and there are parking restrictions along Queen Mary Highway and Upper Love Road along the fencing on February 14th, 15th and 16th until the fair is over. Dept. of Human Services is making free Senior Citizen Identification cards available to seniors on February 13th at Four Winds Plaza from 10:00 AM – to 2:30 PM – WTJX-TV Channel 12 is presenting: Great Performances at 10:00 PM – this show is an unforgettable look at Gospel music There’s a Valentines Day special gift shop in Tutu Park Mall today to benefit StThomas Community Outreach Stop by the Mall for Valentine’s Day gifts. And at The Bookstore in Wharfside village St. John there is a book signing with Carlole Crowe – her book is called Sharp Horns on the Moon. Joseph Gomez Elementary School will distribute Report Cards at 8:00 AM to 2:35 PM. Cards can not be given to brothers ands sisters, parents must pick up Report Cards Edith Williams school is closed on February 13th for a staff workshop on Reading Styles Method. Nisky Center is making good news today in celebration of Valentines Day the Nisky Center is offering free blood pressure screening from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Nisky Center near Radio Shack. Parent meeting for parents involved with Troop and Pack #20. You are meeting at J. Antonio Jarvis School at 7:00 PM We From Upstreet meeting at Cultural Heritage Institute 774-4821. New Horizons Alternative School PTA is meeting on Friday the 13th at 5:30 PM – at the Gramboko Building. Gypsy Troupe will meet on Friday February 13th at 5:30 PM at American Legion Hall in Subbase St. Thomas Reformed Church invites the community to an organ recital with acclaimed organist John Rose at *p February 13th The church is at Nye Gade at Crystal Gade. Virgin Islands Dept of Labor is holding a community forum to help explain the welfare to work initiative on St. Croix the meeting will be on February 13th from 6 to 8:00 PM – at the Legislative Conference Room Coming Up Tomorrow: All Saints Cathedral School is accepting applications for 1998-1999 school year. Testing is Saturday February 14th at 8:30 AM – at the school Call 774-0231

Delta Week

Did you know it is Delta Week in the Virgin Islands? Today the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority will be working at Ulla Muller school to help the children make valentines for their parents. That’s the good news makers at the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. That’s the Delta’s making Good News.

Water Island Report

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