Tuesday, February 18, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


They are razing the roof at Frenchtown Boat House

The Daily News says the Frenchtown Boat house has been ignored, the money to repair it gone. The Dept. of Public Works says they’re beginning the roof job on the Frenchtown Boat House today. People who use the boathouse are reminded to remove their personal property. Public Works is going to raze the roof and build a new one. The drainage gut has been cleaned and Frenchtown is scheduled for a general clean-up. That’s good news.

Web Coming to Our Schools.

This is the week, is also the week we’ll bring the Internet to our schools. Technical experts are here and four Virgin Islands schools get wired to Internet. Volunteers are needed. You don’t need special training and you’ll learn about the information superhighway. Call the Dept. of Education 775-2250. Make some good news. Help put our children’s schools in the 21st century.

Change the Air Law

The Governor sent the Senate recommendations for legislation to change our air quality laws. He said we need several changes to our laws to eliminate ambiguities and bring them into compliance with federal requirements. EPA approval of our pollution permit program is waiting for the changes.

Taxi Drivers Assert Airport Rights

Taxi Drivers asserted their exclusive franchise at the airport. The Territorial Court enjoined East End Taxi from taking passengers from the airport to the St. John ferry. The Taxi Association pays for the exclusive right to serve the airport and they will defend that right.

Gucci Consolidating

Gucci is closing. It is part of a world wide re-examination of Gucci’s 200 stores. Antigua is closed, both Gucci stores on St. Thomas will close at the end of this year’s season. Stay tuned they may shift to a smaller store.

It Pays to Notify the Dept. Licensing and Consumer Affairs

Dept of Licensing and Consumer Affairs reminds owners of inactive businesses to notify the department when they close. If you don’t it is harder to reopen later, or get a new business license. Call Licensing and Consumer Affairs if you close. Maybe Guucci should call.

Help Make Good News

Here’s a chance to make some good news. Vinni Mohannani says Universal Jewelry Company’s White Chevy Van was stolen. It has license plate T-25-4-93 It’s a white Chevy Van. Call the police at 774-2211. That’s our Red Cross Vinnie asking for help.

Coming Up:

Senator Roosevelt David is planning town meetings for concerned citizens tonight on St. John at the Territorial Court at 7:00 PM The town meeting on St. Thomas is Thursday at Kirwan Terrace. School Bus drivers – Your class has been postponed until the 5th and 6th of March. Same time Same place. Not today. The Rural Health Outreach Van has this schedule this week: Wednesday at the GERS Fair from 9 to 2 with cholesterol screening, also blood pressure, blood sugar, nutritional counseling and tetanus shots. On February 20th the outreach van is at Turn Key High Rise.

New Business – Wholesome Fun for Youth

New business alert. Senator Hansen sends congratulations to the new Tropical Ten Pins Bowling Alley on St. Croix as a wholesome activity for our youth. Every new business is a welcome addition.

Jr. Engineers to Explore and Learn

UVI is celebrating National Engineers Week this week with a series of events to stimulate the minds of young engineers. 60 to 100 students from three St. Thomas schools are expected to tour the Paradise Point tramway machinery, go through the Water and Power plants, the WICO dock and tour the inner working of Stars and Stripes. On Saturday, there is a paper airplane design contest a Science Fair and an Egg Packaging Contest.


We have winners. The Kean School Class of 82 and Class of 97 held Scholarship raffles. Michelle Hendrickson won a weekend at Doubletree Sapphire Beach Resort, Cherie Comissiong gets dinner for two at Victor’s New Hideout, Dwayne Donovan won cash. Laurie Lewis gets an Alpha Star Satellite System, Ayana Ross won a 19″ color TV, Trevor Joseph and David Leba won stereo systems