Tuesday, February 04, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


We have some New Grants: Sport Fishing, and Labor Training

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is going to get a grant of $600,000 per year to build and maintain boat access ramps, piers and install moorings for the use of sport fishermen. Our own Department of Planning and Natural Resources will manage the funds and 12% is salted for boat access ramps. The grant extends over a 5 year period.

Funds for Labor Training

More money in the pipes. Delegate Green announced that the Dept. of Labor will receive a half million dollar increase in the Virgin Islands allotment from the Job Training Partnership Act. The funds will come in July for fiscal year 1997. There is over 600,000 for adult training, almost a half million for summer youth training and 800,000 for training displaced workers.

House Coming Down!

Avoid Fireburn Hill road today. Public Works is demolishing an old overhanging building that was in danger of collapse. You are asked to divert to Vester Gade. Louis Hughes, the Assistant Commissioner for Special Projects at Dept. of Public Works announced that there is an over all clean up of the Savan area going on.

Vitran is going private.

Public Works signed a contract with Laidlaw Transit Services of Kansas to manage the day to day operations of the public bus service. Vitran employees will stay on the job, but work for Laidlaw instead of the government. Wages and benefits will stay the same. Laidlaw specializes in small scale bus operations and the para-transit system and serves 5 million bus customers. There is a request for proposals to privatize the bus service on St. Croix as well.

Jule Malloy to Senate President Chief of Staff

Jule Malloy is becoming the Chief of staff for Senate President Lorraine Berry. Berry said that Malloy always left in her wake a high standard of efficiency and management. She is renowned for her “take charge” capabilities and this she will bring to the staff of the Senate President.

Let Hospital Do Its Own Procurement

Senator Liburd sees a problem at the hospital. The process of acquiring vital hospital supplies is out of the hospital administrations hands, which means slower delivery, and health products out of stock. Senator Liburd is proposing legislation to allow the hospitals to procure their goods supplies and services directly. They could issue checks to their vendors. Direct delivery would also reduce theft and insure delivery on a timely basis. .

Humanities Council Seeks Proposals

Virgin Islands Humanities Council is accepting draft proposals to educate the public about our history, philosophy, way of life of social traditions. Grant applications are due March 3rd and you can get more information at 776-4044

Commission On Education hearings

Commission on Education has public hearings at Elena Christian Jr. High beginning at 8:30 AM for everyone associated with Elena Christian and Central High School. (to 1130)

Nigel Hodge Foundation Logo

The Nigel Hodge Foundation has a logo. The Foundation helps children with cancer and they needed a logo image to capture the heart of the matter. You got it, the logo is a heart with Nigel’s picture in it. The Nigel Hodge Foundation has a big thank you to Bill Browne of the Daily News for contributing the art work for the logo.

National School Counselor Week

This is National School Counseling Week and Senator Vargrave Richards sends out a special congratulations to our schools counselors. The counselors role has grown in importance. They prepare our students for instruction, help them manage the stress of school and help them cope with a complex society. Counselors have a difficult job and they deserve the support of faculty, parents and the community. That’s our school counselors making good news.