Monday, February 24, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


There’s a New Teaching Tool! It’s all about the Virgin Islands

AT&T and UVI have produced a new CD-ROM computer game that’s all about the Virgin Islands. The new game has over 2,000 questions that takes a computer user through our culture, history, geography, landmarks and political history. Players overcome obstacles and find buried treasure. AT&T President Barry Florence is particularly proud that the disk was produced here in the Virgin Islands. Enough copies are being made available to the School district that every school will have a copy of this new teaching aid. The disk will be updated periodically as new history is made and it will eventually be linked with an on-line resource of Virgin Islands history and culture. 02/24/97 11:01 AM

They were Caught! Two in Custody.

The two young men who escaped from the Youth Rehabilitation Center last month are back in police custody. Rashawn Lewis and Nickolas Albert had a month of freedom and according to Police they were caught in the brush with their guns at Estate LeGrande Princess. They had been living in the brush on stolen goods. Both are in custody and they are not going back to the Youth Rehab Center. The Governor had a big thank you for the news media that has been running the wanted man posters on TV. The governor said the media made a big difference is keeping the pressure on the escapees. 02/24/97 7:19 AM

No to Teleview

The Senate Committee on Government Operations has decided that Virgin Islands Teleview’s proposal to take over the cable television system on St. Thomas. The conclusion is that the proposal is not suitable to approve.

Education Hearings First Phase Over

The Commission on Education has completed the first round of public hearings. Theyve held 15 hearings and listened to 204 individuals talk about the schools. They are still taking written comments and they will hold hearings again on March 4th for testimony from the district superintendents.

Which School is Excellent?

Liston Davis has also directed the Insular superintendents to identify which of their schools can begin the process of being designated Presidential Blue Ribbon of Excellence schools. Antilles school already has the designation,. Liston Davis says several of the public schools are of comparable quality and can win the designation of Blue Ribbon schools.

WIC Administrator Coming

WIC stands for Women’s and Infants. The Knud Hansen Complex, is preparing for a visit later this week from the regional administrator responsible for the Food and Consumer services of the Dept. of Agriculture. Of the 5 million WIC clients nationwide, 11,000 of them are in the US Virgin Islands.

Why This Tax?

The Committee on Finance had public hearings last week on the proposed Commuter Incentive Tax. Many people asked. Why do we need this new tax? Senator Gomez questioned the Administrations seriousness about a tax when it does not staff its enforcement section of the finance Dept. Hearings about the new tax continue this evening at the Boulon Center St. John at 6:00 PM. Also in the Senate today, the Committee on Rules is considering the franchise Virgin Islands Teleview Services and deeds for WAPA that’s at 10:00 AM 02/24/97 8:29 AM

Coming Up:

  • Today the is Dober vs. Jarvis at 6:00 PM at UVI Field House. From tonight through Thursday. Well have the game live here beginning tomorrow. 
  • American Association of Retired People Chapter 3138 has a two day Symposium on Long Term Care this weekend at Wyndham Sugar Bay Hotel. The AARP has a slate of speakers and government officials to discuss comprehensive long term services in the Virgin Islands. That’s Friday. Contact Olric Carrington 772-0349 02/21/97 7:45 
  • Blues in the Schools is going on this week. Kenneth Jackson is here from Memphis to teach and jam the Blues. On Thursday Jackson has a seminar for teachers at Antilles School. and Friday Jackson is performing at UVI Little Theater

Egg Drop Contest

This weekend was the culmination of Engineers week at UVI with a paper airplane contest and the famous Egg Drop contest. Arthur Adams built the best of the paper airplanes. There were dozens of entries in the egg drop contest. The students had to build a container that would protect a fresh egg from a 40 foot drop. Several were able to preserve their egg, Walker Dillon of Antilles School had his egg survive, so did Marcia Rodney of Ivanna Eudora Kean School, Melissa Turnbull of Wesleyan Academy and Ethan Peters all build egg protectors that worked.

Two Post Office Heroes

Earl Simmons is a hero today. At the Aubrey C. Ottley Post Office Black History Month celebration on Sunday Post Office officials from the regional division in Puerto Rico presented a plaque to Earl for his heroism. Back in November, during a Post Office social, one of the guests fell overboard and Earl Simmons was the hero who pulled him out. Post Master Louis Jackson was honored for giving CPR to the near-drowning victim. That’s Earl Simmons and Louis Jackson making Good news 02/24/97 7:27 AM