Monday, February 17, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


American Airlines Is Up And The Prices Are Down

The American Airline strike lasted 21 minutes. Now we have 60 days of normal flying until the next deadline. American Airlines is dropping prices to many destinations, its hubs and places like San Juan Puerto Rico. American will be offering special travel packages to lure its passengers back. The strike may lead to a real surge of travelers to our area. It is also time for the Virgin Islands to reassess our reliance on American they control more than 50% of the seats to our islands. 02/17/97 7:47 AM

Navy – Carrier Coming

The new Commander in Chief of the US Navy Forces for the Atlantic Fleet came to the Virgin Islands. Admiral Paul Reason said he will schedule more Navy ships to visit the Virgin Islands. Now there is discussion of a Carrier coming in March. Nothing certain yet. But the Navy is making plans for more visits. 02/17/97 7:47 AM

UVI – Cash Crunch Averted

The bad new is that the University is running out of money. The good news is that Government house has agreed to release 2.5 million in uncollected funds from fiscal year 96-97, 4 million for January 1997 and another 1.7 million for each month of this year. The university is being examined for accreditation and Harold Simmons of the Commission on Higher Education said the University was to be commended. No other institution in the he history of American higher education has had to meet the challenges UVI has encountered with in the last two years and remained viable. 02/17/97 7:47 AM

Diagnosis: Hospital Is Getting Better

The Health Committee is having an impact. Without legislation! Hospital Administrator Evelyn McLaughlin says the kitchen is safe and sanitary receiving a score of 93% in a recent inspection. That’s an A. Rocky says the hearings helped expose the problems and he is pleased that another physician has been added to the staff. He says the hearings work.

NetDay ë97

This is the week. We will bring the world of information to our schools. Technical experts are on island to jump start the work. Four Virgin Islands schools are getting wired to the global Internet. Volunteers are needed to help. You do not need special training to help and you will learn how the information superhighway works. Call the Dept. of Education and volunteer. On St. Thomas Call 775-2270. On St. Croix 778-1600.

Ag Fair Still On

The Agricultural Fair is on today If you are on St. Croix. This is the 26 annual Agricultural Fair and it is a wonderful chance for meet friends and taste our culinary delights. 02/13/97 8:48 AM

“Smokey” Frett Finds Kids Jobs.

Smokey Frett is making some good news. He saw some young men just hanging around Kirwin Terrace and he called contractors to find the men jobs. No more hanging around, those men are working for Custom Builders now. Smokey Frett and Custom Builders get kudos for employing the young men.

First Woman MD in Congress

Delegate Dr Christian-Green honored at a luncheon over the weekend. The Mu Eta Chapter of Chi Eta Phi Sorority was the host. Dr Christian Green said she has discovered that she is the first woman physician ever elected to the US Congress. That’s a first and she is proud of it. That’s our Delegate Dr Donna Christian-Green.