Monday, February 10, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Governor said Washington Heard our Concerns.

At the Governors press conference he said the President had agreed to fund additional costs of legal immigrants. He said new regulations are coming to open competition in power generation which makes the sale of WAPA suitable to the times. He met with Health and Human Services people to see if we get all we can for early childhood education. Recognizing the possibility of an airline strike from American Airlines, he is in negotiations with Continental and 3 other airlines to return to the Virgin Islands. The Governor said we are not getting our share of Medicare funds and he also met with FEMA officials to see if he can get 41 million more of our Hurricane Marilyn loan. The project to rebuild Government House in St. Croix needs funds and he is going after those funds. His met with the parties in Washington about our rum tax and watch industry issues keep them in the new trade negotiations. On the Anguilla land fill, The Governor said we have an order to move the landfill away from the airport. They have been on-site to see new possible sites for the new landfill.

Governor’s Youth Commission

The Governor’s youth commission said strengthening the family is pivotal to remediation of youth issues. There is a pressing need for bi-lingual teachers for our Hispanic students. The Youth Commission called for more recreational facilities, more mentoring programs and more private sector youth apprenticeship programs. The Council also called for more programs to bring the youth to the sea for swimming and new vocational activities.

Plane Down, 3 Of 5 On Board Are Safe.

A commuter plane flying under the Air Sunshine name crashed Saturday evening and three of the occupants were rescued. Search aircraft spotted another body, but could not recover it. Two persons remain missing.

BET Seeks Ellis Christian

Remember Ellis Christian, the young pilot who flew from here to South America, well Black Entertainment Television is inviting Ellis to be on a show about Young Black History Makers on the show called Teen Summit. We’ll keep you posted.

Coming Up:

  • On the Calendar: there are public hearings on Health at the Boulon Center on St. John. 
  • Ivanna Eudora Kean School has a band boosters meeting tonight at 6:00 PM at the school.

600th Limelight Monday

Tonight is the 600th Limelight Monday at Barnacle Bills in Crown Bay. They didn’t even show for Hurricane Marilyn or Hugo or Bertha or anything else. That’s the 600th Limelight Monday at Barnacle Bills.

Black History Month at National Park

Coming Up: Virgin Islands National Park will celebrate Black History Month with a three day celebration at Annaberg Sugar Mill from February 20 to the 22nd. From 10 to 3 each day. There’s a moonlight tour of Annaberg with a performance by the echo People and Olabayo Olaniyi from Nigeria.

What’s A Silent Salesman?

Finally this, what is the world’s tiniest advertising billboard? Your business card. They carry all your critical numbers. There’s a new way to get your card into more hands. It’s called Silent Salesman and there’s one at Sunrise Pharmacy in Red Hook. Here’s a wall board with pockets for business card. Instead of putting one card on a bulletin board, you post dozens on The Silent Salesman. People see your card, and take one. Go see it at Sunrise Pharmacy.

Glen “Santa” Pringle – Fund Raiser Needs More

Fifteen hundred people came to Glen Santa Pringle’s Fund raiser for Aisha, Sandra and Chandrea and they raised $2,900. That means they are $9,000 short of the goal to help these girls with their special medical needs. Call 690-9627