Thursday, Feb 22, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines 


Governor Vetos expenditures

The Governors vetos cut out 15 sections of a bill that had been passed by the legislature. The vetoes removed expenditures that the governor said were already covered by other laws or were Christmas Tree additions that we coan not afford.

“It’s a Red Herring”

The Governor thinks the definition of a native virgin islander is a red herring that is blocking development of a resort casino. His new legislation would cut the definition out of the law and he wants 65 million dollars in bonds to build a hotel/casino. At Senatror Bryan’s meeting on St. Croix yesterday, guest speakers said that gambling alone is not enough – there must be a concerted effort to attract new tourists to St. Croix or the casino’s will not make a profit.

Scholarship Available While we are on tourism,

the Audrey Palmer Hawks Memorial Scholarship competition is beginning. The scholarship pays for a full year of study at Cornell University for a Caribbean student pursuing tourism. Contact the Tourism Dept.

Cables Going Underground

The Department of Public Works announced today that they had agreements with VITELCO to bury phone cables on Bolongo Bay Road, in Nazareth, on Mahogany Run and starting Monday they will begin burying cables on Skyline Drive. Tyrone Martin of Public Works also announced that all construction will be complete in downtown Charlotte Amalie in time for Carnival.

Business Education Gets Boost

Globalvest made a contribution to UVI of $5000 for business education and they set up six internships for UVI business students to get on-the-job experience. Industrial Development Corporation Director Anthony Olive was pleased, saying the investment world is a good Virgin Islands business. It is non-polluting, has high salaries and can utilize our excellent telecommunications .

Navy Coming on Monday

The Navy is coming – on Monday. The USO building has been adopted by Bob Beal and CSBI who is putting the guys, the mateirals and the money on the job to get the building ready by Monday for the arrival of a Navy ship for a grand visit.

Help for Veterans

Attention vets. A councelor is here this week to help you. Today the councelor is at the Vet Center in Buccaneer Mall from 8:30 to 3:30 and on Friday he’s on St. Croix at Estate Richmond. And there’s a town mneeting for vets on Sunday at the Am Legion Hall in St. Thomas at 1 PM.

YMCA Meeeting

YMCA members, you have ameeting today at 5:30 at the Legislature building.

Count on this Good News!

You can count on this good news. The eighth annual MathCounts Competition will be held today from 9 to 1 at the St. Croix curriculum center. Mathcounts is sponsored by Mid-Island Rotary want all kids to know that math is good news.