Monday, Feb 19, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines 


It’s A Holiday

Today is officially a holiday to honor Presidents Washington and Lincoln. Government offices are closed but schools are open to make up for a storm day.

Tree Boa packs bags at Estate Nazareth

The Estate Nazareth case is closed, no open, no closed. The Court injunction was lifted and construction was set to begin again then, it’s off, while the parties appeal. The construction is on hold while they sort it all out.

Tax Time

If you are a resident with a non-residential income you need to get form 1040Info from the Bureau of Internal Revenue so you can file your correct tax return. A bona fide resident with an off-island taxable income is required to file 1040Info.

More on Taxes

Pay your taxes or you can’t renew your business license. The office of Licensing and Consumer Affairs can not issue a business licenses until you company files all tax returns and pays all taxes that are due.

Food Fair

The food fair was a smashing success. The fair attendees all agreed that the food was the best part. Don’t despair that you missed it, the fair is continuing today. Admission is $2. The Daily News says that the farmers had one major request – more water. They could grow more food, but water supply is the limiting factor.

Kirwin School Adopted

The Michael Kirwin School has been adopted by the Webster Elementary School in Collinsville IL. The students gathered supplies of art materials, puzzles, trade books, and pencils for their Kirwin pen pals. UVI professor Susan Cantrell arranged the adoption with her sister who teaches at the Illinois school.

Neighborhood Grants

There are grants available for neighborhood project that target low & medium income people. Housing and Urban Development community block grant program is looking for your ideas. Write up your idea and take it to the DPNR. The deadline is February 29.

Drug Prevention Grants

Virgin Islands Victory Partnership is seeking proposals from non-profit groups for community based alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention programs. Grants are from 500 to 5000 proposals are due March 8. Call Annette Jacobs at 773-9900 Ext 119

Foster and Adopting Parents Meeting

The St. Thomas foster and adopting parents association is meeting on Tuesday at 5:30 at the Dept. of human services in the Spenceley building.

Who has Serious Crime?

Finally this: Serious Crime was down in 1995. The headlines would make you think we have a crime problem. The fact is 1995 had 42 per cent less homicide than 1994. Rapes were down, though robbery was slightly up. There were 21 homicides in 1994 – that’s almost two a month. Fitchburg Massachusetts is a city that’s our size. They had two a day. What about crimes against visitors – Point 0012 percent were crime victims Mostly larceny. So when someone says we have a crime problem – don’t point to the splinter in our eye if you have a log in your own.