Friday, Feb 9, 1996

US Virgin Islands

Computers for the Schools – Senator Liburd Does It.

One computer is better than no computer and 80 personal computers are better than that. Senator Liburd arranged for the Navy to donate some of their surplus computers to our schools. 80 of them. They may be over the hill to the Navy, but not to our schools. The systems will be able to introduce our children to word processing, spreadsheets and educational software.

Vitelco can get on with business.

The owners, Jeffrey Processor and Cornelius Prior, are ending their legal feud and rehiring the board that managed the company before. This may mean we get phone service restores a bit faster.

Who helps the firefighters?

No one will rescue the firefighters, so they will help themselves. At Estate Dorthea, the firefighters are building their own fire station to replace their twen year old dilapidated firehouse. With materials provided by the government, and a donation from AT&T, the firefighters are making a new station with room for 8 bunks and three firetrucks.

Health care is getting a boost.

A lecture series is starting for doctors through the funds of the Bennie and Martha Benjamin Foundation. The first lecture was yesterday in St. Thomas and is being repeated today at St. Croix’s Juan Luis Hospital. The speaker is an expert on liver disease. Bennie Benjamin was a Crucian musician who left funds to aid health care in the Virgin Islands.

The police department want you to help.

They are going to publish a weekly news bulletin telling you about crimes in which investigators want help. They’ll tell us about suspects sought and other details that might help catch a crook by asking the public to get involved. You;ll hear it here on WSTA.

Prestige Airway to New York.

Prestige is going to start flying to New York on March 14th for 311 round trip on Thursdays. Fridays and Saturdays.

Community Notes:

  • Senator Osbert Potter reminds us that reading for children has started again on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Baa Library. Tomorrow’s program begins at noon.
  • A lecture/photo presentation and ceremony in memory of Lucinda Millin is happening tonight at the UVI Business Administration building at 7:30. People will remember the one-room school
  • Camille Pisasaro Gallery is hosting a Valentine’s Day exhibit on Romanace tonight from 6 PM with works by 10 artists.

Finally this:

You can tell that the recovery is drawing to a close. K-Mart announced that they are no longer accepting red cross vouchers. If you still have vouchers, you can take them back for further assistance or find a store still acpting them. Its time to stop recovering and this is one more step toward normalcy and that’s good news for everyone. Good News Headlines

Remember, it’s your good news. You tell us, & we’ll tell everyone.