Thursday, December 11, 1997

US Virgin Islands

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Mapp Says to Cigna “No Way” – Governor Signs Insurance Contract

Lieutenant Governor Mapp responded yesterday to the CIGNA insurance company saying they could not simply drop our government medical insurance with 28 days notice, particularly when they were selling themselves just a month ago. Governor Schneider announced that he has signed the CIGNA insurance contract and reminded the Government employees not to worry, steps are being taken to insure that insurance is in place at the start of the new year.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

It’s 83 degrees in Crown Bay St. Thomas at 11 AM with a cloud going by with a slight chance of rainbows.

Chance of Showers: Slight to 10%: Water Temp: Perfect at 82 degrees Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready and waiting

Drug Bust needed an Anonymous Tip

The police made a tremendous drug bust on Tuesday seizing more than 315 kilograms of cocaine off Lurkenlund beach. The key to the seizure was an anonymous tip to the police from a concerned citizen. Once again it is we who are watching out for each other. A Big Thank You to the tipster for calling the police to stop a crime.

Hotel Association Scores Success

The Caribbean Hotel Association wanted to bring down insurance costs to Caribbean Hotels, so they created their own insurance company. They forced all the other insurance companies to lower their rates so effectively that the associations insurance company isn’t necessary any more. So they are closing it.

Department of Health to Join WAN

The Government announced that the network linking Educational and government computers together is going to be extended to the Department of Health and all hospitals and clinics. The network is called a wide area network, that is a set of linkages that allows computers all over the territory to share information, transfer files and exchange electronic mail. Meanwhile the federal government announced an increase in the funds for computers for our schools. The Virgin Islands will get 425 million dollars this year for school information technology.

Blood Drive is on.

Today is the final day of the Red Cross Blood Drive and you can come to Nisky Plaza to donate all day today. You can help Red Cross with donations of cash, but the gift of blood is the gift of life and no money can buy it.

Carnival is Coming

The Carnival Committee is beginning the process of creating carnival. They are seeking participants for the Jr. Calypso Tent, they need contractors to bid on making the trophies and awards and they are calling the first meeting for troupe leaders on December 12 at 6:00 PM – at headquarters

Yes, “I Can Cope”

A hearty congratulations to all the members of the “I Can Cope” Cancer Support Group. Over 50 people gathered last evening at the Schneider Hospital to offer each other support in fighting cancer. They heard the harmonies of the singing group WBMM (double U, B, Double M) singing group and Jackie Drew remind everyone that the bonds we forge with each other in mutual support can turn peoples lives around. There were 5 year survivors, and 8 year survivors and even a 15 year cancer victor. A hearty congratulations to all cancer survivors.

Blyden is Churchman of the Year

The Rev. Roy Blyden was named the 1997 Churchman of the Year by the Church Historical Society. There will be a luncheon in his honor at Palm Count of the Harbor View Hotel on December 13th at Noon.

Two Fishing Areas are Closing

DPNR is closing two fish spawning area. A six square mile area at Lang Bank off St. Croix and a 14 square miles area south and west of St. Thomas. The spawning areas are critical to the Red Hind Fish a food fish like the grouper. Fine for fishing is $100,000

Coming Up:

5:30 PM – Hug a Bunch is meeting at Bellows International at 5:30 PM * Baha’I’ Community will celebrate feast of Questions at the New National Center Call 776-2029 St. Thomas Lions will meet on Thursday December 11 at 6:00 PM – at Palm Count of the Harbor View Hotel Eulalie Riviera School will perform Christmas Around the World on Thursday December 11 at 9:00 AM – in the Cafeteria Senate Committee n Rules will meet to consider the lease for aeronautical Radio at the airports, to consider funds to automate the Division of Corporations and trademarks. They have a bill to provide criminal penalties for violating a domestic restraining order. They have a billon reporting of AIDS virus and a proposal for a scholarship to honor Ruth E Thomas. Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours is hosted by Seslia Securities and will be held at th Fort Christian Museum and Gallery from 5:30 PM – to 7:30 PM – for member firms to meet and network in an informal setting. Coming Up Tomorrow: Individuals with Disabilities are going to be the subject of today’s workshop for Superintendents, principals and all teachers on St. Thomas Dec 12th at the UVI Marine Sciences Center from 8:00 AM – to 3:00 PM –

Water Island Report

We took a poll on the ferry this morning. What happened this year on Water Island between Transfer Day 1996 and today. The answer: The trash service came and was good and got worst. Hummm, not much else.. At least they take away the trash. That’s good news: The government in action! It was a slow news year on Water Island

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