Monday, December 29, 1997

US Virgin Islands

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CIGNA Stays Through the End of January.

The Virgin Islands Government Group Health Insurance Board has announced that the CIGNA health insurance policy for government employees has been extended through the end of January. While efforts are underway to get this deadline extended, at this point, the government employees are covered through the end of January. There is no reason to rush into any medical procedures. The 24 hour verification hot line is available.

Today’s Photo: Cyril E. King Airport Control Tower

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 91 Degrees at 9 AM Skies: Sunny, Occasional Cloud Chance of Showers: Slight Water Temp: Perfect at 82 degrees Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready

The Season is at its peak

There is good news on all the tourism related business fronts. The expectations of the Presidents visit this week is raising the level of anticipation. There has been an upswing of business in all the tourism related businesses. Tom Brunt sees continuing improvement in the private sector economy that will be slow and steady. The owner of one tourist-oriented souvenir shop said business was up 30 percent, compared to that of last year. And V.I. Ecotours expects a 70 percent gain in its volume, its second year in business. The company takes people on tours of mangroves, and about 80 percent of the customers are tourists from the cruise ships.

Native Son to teach about Breast Cancer today

The surgeon is from the faculty of Albert Einstein Hospital in New York. He is an expert on Breast cancer. And he is a son of St. Thomas. and today Dr Bert Petersen will teach you about breast cancer at an open to the public session in the legislature. That’s at 10AM and anyone with questions about cancer is welcome to attend.

Virgin Islands Atlanta Office to Move.

We have a tourism office in Atlanta and it just moved to new quarters. The Atlanta office is now at the Peachtree Center Mall area at 245 Peachtree Center Avenue. The phone number is the same.

On the Calendar

Coming up on Wednesday There is administrative leave for non-essential government staff on December 31st from noon to 5 o’clock and there leave for Children’s Festival Parade on Friday January 2 from 8:00 AM – to 5 o’clock. CAHS Class of 1952 are requested to come tot he funeral services for Emile Milo and the Kings Frances on Wednesday at the Faith Christian Monistry in Anna’s retreat. St. Croix Festival Event of the Day: Quelbe Tramp from Frederiksted Post Office to the village. Strength to Strength presents a Kwanza Gathering focusing on Cooperative Economics today at Ivanna Eudora Kean School Auditorium at 7:00 PM Artist Janet Cook-Rutnik will conduct one day workshops on Monotype printing at Guavaberry Farm today, tomorrow and Wednesday the 31st. 693-8069

Bridge Winners

Bridge winners among the Charlotte Amalie Bridge Club, First place to Barney Frank and Gerri Frank, Second place to Rose Sauter and Gerd Herscheimer

Hydro-seeding is Available

Do you know about hydro seeding? It is a new technique that plants grass seed with a hose and sprayer. It also applies fertilizer mulch and a tackifier to hold the whole system to the ground. DPNR purchased a hydro seeder and you can take a class to learn how to use the system. There is a classes coming up on January 13th at the St. Croix Campus of UVI.

Martin Luther King Jr. Contests

The annual Martin Luther King Jr. essay contest is coming up. Students should write 250 words on “What we can do to keep Martin Luther King’s Dream Alive” Have that ready by January 14th, typed and double spaced. There is also a poster contest. Draw a poster of “Visions of Martin Luther King’s Dream” Posters are also due January 14th

Water Island Report

What a Saturday we had. Two visits from the Kon Tiki party boat. Wow. We all had to take Sunday off after all the excitement. Whew.

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