Friday, December 12, 1997

US Virgin Islands

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Federal Funds for St. John Roads

Two major roads on St. John will be getting a new surface according to Delegate Christian-Green who says we are getting 1.8 million dollars to resurface Route 104 from Pine Peace to Chocolate Hole and Route 105 in Cruz Bay. The work includes pavement overlays, drainage, retaining walls and other road work. The Delegate also announced that she will hold a press conference next Thursday to discuss her first year in Congress.

Today’s Photo: Governor Schneider addressing Water Island residents

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 84 Degrees at 2 PM Skies: Sunny, Occasional Cloud Chance of Showers: Slight to 10%: Water Temp: Perfect at 82 degrees Beach and Swimming Conditions: Sooo Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready

Governor Schneider Says “Have No Fear, Schneider is Here.”

At the celebration of the first anniversary of the transfer of Water Island from Department of Interior to the Territory, Governor Schneider held a brief ceremony to commemorate the occasion. He informed Water Island residents that the contract to demolish the old hotel has been signed, the deep water dock will be built this winter and five sites have been designated for archeological preservation. Moreover, the Governor said that the sale of the land to the residents will proceed now that a memorandum of agreement has been signed. The Governor also spoke about Government employees health insurance and he said, Have no fear, Schneider is here. He isn’t letting our health be endangered.

Will Property and Procurement Become largest Car dealer?

Property and Procurement is one its way to being the largest car dealer in the Virgin Islands. They have another auction of cars coming up on Thursday of this week with 17 cars for sale.

Rules Committee Passes Bills

The Rules committee of the senate met yesterday to move legislation from committee to the full senate. They passed the nomination of Sari Anduze to the Television Board. They approved an auction list so residents can find out what the Police are auctioning. They also passed the bill to set criminal penalties for violating a domestic restraining order. The Committee on Labor and Veterans Affairs is meeting today to consider bills to amend the child labor law and a proposal regarding the Class Three bargaining units

Mapp Tells Cigna “Show Cause”

The Lieutenant Governor sent CIGNA an order to appear at a hearing on December 23 to show cause why the company should not maintain insurance coverage for at least 120 days while the Government arranges for other health insurance. He says the company decision to terminate a duly executed contract may be an act of bad faith, arbitrary, and unilateral. Those are law suit words.

Vitran to Serve Hospital

Beginning this Sunday Vitran will offer hospital clients an easier way to travel. Starting Sunday West bound busses will turn into the hospital and stop for passengers. After leaving the hospital, the busses will continue with their regular stops to Veterans Drive, Nisky and Contant. Meanwhile Senator Roosevelt David says he is dismayed with the sad state of the island ambulances. A fire on the Star of Life put it out of action on Wednesday, but a quick fix has the ambulance boat back in action Thursday.

How to Foil Livestock Thieves

If you have livestock, you want to protect them from possible theft. Here are some tips from the Department of Agriculture. Maintain a presence in the area around your animals, you a hired hand or a relative. Maintain a lighted area for the animals this discourages thieves, never allow animals to stray and keep a log of your animals, their markings and distinguishing features.

Coming Up:

6:00 PM – Association of Caribbean Organizations meets Friday at Victor’s New Hideout at 6:00 PM – 5:15 PM – PTA New Horizons Alternative School will have a PTA meeting on December 12 at 5:15 PM at the Gramboko Building. 5:30 PM – Sts Peter and Paul Catholic High School Class of 1988 will meet at 5:30 PM – at the Office of Management and Budget Conference Room 5:30 PM – St. Thomas East End Lions will hold the annual Christmas Tree lighting at 4 Winds Plaza at 5:30 PM – on December 12th 7:30 PM – Nisky Moravian Church Young Adults Association is hosting the annual variety social on Friday December 12 at 7:30 PM – With tantalizing treats like Sweetbread, Ham, turkey, Assorted tarts Chicken Drummettes and Meatballs. Drinks too 5:30 PM – We From Upstreet meeting at Cultural Heritage Institute 774-4821. The National President of the National Jr. Beta Club is in the Virgin Islands through December 20th. There will be a ceremony to induct 45 new members from Wesleyan Academy, Peace Corps, Edith Williams, and Prophecy School. Saturday – Skate St. Thomas is a race for adult in-line skaters. The race begins at 8:00 in at the big tree in Havensight and runs to Ruby’s-by-the-Sea. Then there’s SkateFest through noon. Be sure you bring all of your protective gear and if you don’t have the gear it can be purchased.

Water Island Report

See above, real news. That’s the end of our perfect record. Maybe next year…

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