Wednesday, December 04, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The Crime Rate in the Virgin Islands is Down

There is good news and bad news on the crime front. Robberies, burglaries and vehicular theft are all down, way down. Robberies are down by 25 percent compared with the last fiscal year. The bad news is that homicide is up, but not much. The good news is that homicide arrest is up, way up, 298 percent up. That means 7 out of ten homicides are resulting in an arrest. That’s better than the national average across America.

Fund to Fix Statue

The Interfaith Coalition of St. Thomas St. John wants to repair the damage to the statue of the Virgin Mary at Our Lady of Perpetual Help church in Mafolie. The members of the coalition believe that destruction of the statue is a defamation to everyone. They need to raise almost 30,000 dollars to repair the statue and have created a fund called With One Voice. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

No Recount for Delegate

No, Congressman Frazer, there is no recount. The St. Croix Board of Elections has rejected Congressman Victor Frazer’s request for a recount in the run-off election. The first tally of the absentee ballots put Dr. Green further ahead adding to her margin. With the absentee ballots counted, Green is the victor by 891 votes.

Vacation Deals

Vacation deals here are Better than Ever. That’s the theme of a new vacation promotion put on by American Airlines, The St. Thomas St. John Hotel Association, Chamber of Commerce and GOGO Worldwide Vacations. The package deals will save travelers up to 25% off the cost of a visit here and they get a coupon book with lots of great deals. The group will spend nearly half a million dollars on promoting the Better than Ever vacation package.

Fonsie Says NO to Nukes

Senator Donastorg is going after that nuclear shipment. You remember, there’s a plan to ship nuclear waste from France to Japan and it could pass near here. Donastorg says the proposed shipment is highly radioactive and could damage our ecology. He is circulating a petition. If you are concerned with the shipment of nuclear waste through our waters, go sign Fonsie’s petition. (774-4518)

CPR – Just In Time

Yesterday at Crown Bay Marina a tiny baby stopped breathing. Fortunately for the baby there was a doctor in the house. Norbert Muntor is usually at our hospital doing research but yesterday he was at Crown Bay and was able to intervene with CPR and resuscitate the baby. That’s good news.

Sober Driving Saves Lives

Did you know that 41 per cent of all automobile accident deaths are related to drinking alcohol and driving? The Governor has proclaimed December as Drunk and Drugged Driving Month in the Virgin Islands. The number of alcohol related deaths has actually declined over the years, yet remains a problem. On December 20th, drive with your headlights on to show you are aware of the problem

UVI Scientists at Conference

Finally this: 10 UVI students went to Miami last month to the National Minority Science Conference. Wayne Archibald, Delevette Castor, Ian Joseph, Esra Toussaint and Cheri-Ann Walters all presented their research results to the scientists and they all had a chance to hear other cutting edge science reports. That’s good news for our students and UVI.