Tuesday, December 03, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


WAPA is going to Split the Bill

WAPA has announced they are going to separate the water and electric bills beginning this month. If you’ve been getting one consolidated bill, get ready for two bills.

Mentor Program Works

The New York Times wrote an article highlighting the success of the mentorship program like the one we have here. The Times points mentorship program at the Univ. of Virginia where the program has produced the highest graduation rate for black students in any college in America. The key is the mentorship program. Liston Davis says the success of their program means we are on the right track.

Vitelcellular Gets Big Contract

VitelCellular just got good news. They are part of a big federal contract for wireless telecommunications that involves GTE/Bell Atlantic/NYNEX. VitelCellular will provide cellular service to the federal customers in the Virgin Islands. With its affiliates, VitelCellular covers all states and territories.

Finance Committee: No Meeting

The Senate Finance Committee session scheduled for today has been canceled. And Senate President Liburd says there is no plan to convene the senate again in this session. Senator Hansen says there are two deeds that are the only items on the Finance Committee agenda. So wait.

Drop Out Bill Veto Override?

Sen. Bellardo De O’Neal wants to get an override of the Governor’s veto of the Drop Out Prevention act. She says the growing problem with school drop outs is easy to see, we need to address the matter. She will call for an override in the next legislative session – if there is one.

Watch Factory Contract

Unitime Watch Factory has completed contract negotiations with its employees after 10 months of bargaining. The employees get a wage increase of 4% plus 20 cents per hour in the first year, then 4% plus 5 cents for the next year and 4% in the third year. Employees can also get $13 per week for perfect attendance. The watch company has 50 employees.

Moxie Marketing has — Moxie

Moxie Marketing has – what else can you call it – they have Moxie. They are fighting in court with Mountain Video over who has the rights to a program called Island Insights. And who has the rights to present a show on Cable for visitors that introduces them to the Virgin Islands. Moxie VP Bobbie Bryan says they are working to make an all new information show and they are 85% finished with a program that will air in December. Mt. video is showing a program that is four years old.

Rent Ceiling Explained

Virgin Islands Housing Authority will be implementing the ceiling rent program beginning Jan 1st. In preparation, they are holding a series of training programs between December 9th and the 19th. Your housing manager will contact you with the date in your community.

Wider Opportunities for Women

Crown Mountain Water and the Women’s resource Center are going to work together to create a program called Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW) Crown Mt. Water is owned by women and they want to make things happen to improve the lives of all Virgin Islanders particularly women and children. The first activity will be a raffle on December 6th.

Finally this:

The Senate Sluggers won five games straight on Sunday to win the Government Co-Ed Thanksgiving Tournament. The lost before to the Police but came back in the he tournament to beat the Airport team, UVI, The National Guard, Health and the Police. Alfred Maduro and Mercedes Perez were the most valuable players. That’s the senate Sluggers good news.