Thursday, December 05, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The Senate Has A Special Training Program Today.

The senate is holding a special training session today, it is orientation for the new members and a review of the issues for the older members of the senate. Today they are hearing from Joanne Buzzuto, Tom Brunt for the Chamber, Roy Jackson from the Governor development Bank. The topic is – the economy.

The pirates are coming

The actor Leslie Nielsen and a crew are coming this weekend to begin showing a 3-d movie for Sea World. The famous HMS Rose is coming to be part of the show.

Landfill to Get Health Study

Good news for Bovoni, the federal agency for Toxic Substances and Disease registry is going to perform a health review of the Bovoni area to check the level of hazardous substances and whether living near the landfill is a health hazard.

School Computer Theft

The schools have a security problem. The police are going to step up security after a rash of school burglaries. The crooks are stealing the school computers. The Dept. is asking the whole community to help monitor security at the schools. If you see something that’s not right, call the police. And be alert for anyone trying to sell stolen computers.

No Cultural International Week

The Governor vetoed the Virgin Islands Cultural International Week. He says the bill uses legislative staff to do an executive dept. task, which violates the separation of powers, And, there are no new funds for a new festival. Moreover, the Governor says we already have Carnival, St. Croix Festival, and the 4th of July. That’s enough.

Support Christmas Seals

Oh and Governor has proclaimed that this is Christmas Seals month in the Virgin Islands. He is urging everyone to support the American Lung Association by using Christmas Seals.

No Nukes!

GreenPeace is sending its ship MV GreenPeace to the Caribbean ahead of the imminent shipment of Japanese nuclear waste through our area. The GreenPeace ship is coming to Kingston Jamaica first then on to Puerto Rico. You can protest this shipment by signing the petition at Senator Donastorg office.(774-4518)

Christmas Safety

Christmas is nearly here. The fire service reminds you to keep your Christmas decorations safe. Make sure you have a smoke detector. Don’t use lightweight extension cords, rather use a multi outlet power strip with a circuit breaker. Cover open electrical outlets with caps. Be careful with nails and staples around electrical wires and turn off the lights when you are out of the house or asleep. Be careful with candles and make sure you have a fire extinguisher on hand.

Rules on Historic Preservation

The Department of Planning and Natural Resources Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation has published their rules and regulations for historic preservation. The rules are open for public review at the offices in Wheatley Center 2.

Civil Air Patrol Cadet Day

Civil Air Patrol has 7 cadets on duty in the community learning about careers. Kaddesha Michelle Frett is at WSTA, our Cadet of the day. Civil Air Patrol Week culminates on Saturday with an awards ceremony and the Patrol will remember Pearl Harbor Day on Saturday in Roosevelt Park.

Youth of the Year Award

Finally this: Rotary Club of St. Thomas 2 named the Youth of the Year. Kalen A. Roberts won the award. It wasn’t about the best grades or the top athlete, this award is for the youth with the right attitude. Kalen shows fairness integrity, strength and good will. Kalen said his Mom taught him about character. That’s Kalen A Robert’s good news, and it’s his Mom’s good news too.