Monday, December 23, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The President is Coming, The President’s Coming!

The President of the United States has accepted the Governor Schneider’s invitation to come spend a relaxing vacation in the US Virgin Islands. The details are in the works, but we can expect him early in January. The President’s visit means all major media will focus attention on our islands for a few days. That’s very good news. The Governor has called upon all of us to put our best foot forward for the President, his family and the world media.

More Checks!

More checks are out from the Department of Finance. Another 709 checks are in the mail for retro pay from 1992. Now they are going to work on the 93 payments.

Westin to Close and Rebuild

It used to be the Hyatt on St. John, now it is the Westin Resort, St. John. They are going to close the resort in the first quarter of next year and undergo repairs with a target reopening date about one year from now.

Historic District Rules Enforced

The Dept. of Licensing and Consumer affairs reminds all businesses in the historic district that beginning January first, they will be enforcing the provisions of Title 29, section 285. The Dept. will allow Historic Preservation to be a signature on a business license in the historic district.

This is Nuts

Are you allergic to peanut butter? Stay away from Pepperidge Farm Old Fashioned Lemon Nut Crunch Cookies. The bakery is recalling The Old Fashioned Lemon Nut cookies due to an error that put peanut butter in lemon cookies. But even if you love peanut butter would you put peanut butter in a lemon cookie? That’s nuts.

Site of the Day

Today’s Web site of the day is the Selective Service. That’s right, the draft board is on-line. Every male youth turning 18 years of age can register with the Selective Service on the world wide web. Of course there hasn’t been a draft for years, but 18 year olds must register.

Coming Up:

  • CAHS Class of 61 had a reunion over the weekend and they made some Christmas Cheer by bringing gifts to the children of the Rainbow early learning center and the Child Care Center Inc.
  • Twentieth Annual Challenge of the Carols is set for 5:30 AM with echo caroling in Educators Park followed by the Challenge of the carols at 6 AM.
  • The 4th Annual Virgin Islands Music Awards have extended the deadline to get your music on the ballot to January 3rd. The judging will be January 11th and a new category has been added for musical jingles.
  • Charlotte Amalie Lions is going to the Three Kings Festival in Santo Domingo from January 4 through the 7th with a chartered plane. Its all part of operation Family Unite. If you have a family link to Consuelo Santo Domingo Call 775-4545.

Don’t go into Debt for Christmas

Catherine Mills of the Dept. of Human Services has the best wishes of the department for all Virgin Islands residents. She reminds you to avoid going into debt to buy toys and gifts. The season is about love and the spiritual meaning doesn’t have to cost anything. A gift of time can be as important as a glittering bauble. Give your sister 40 hours of baby-sitting when she needs it. There is Christmas Love.