Friday, December 27, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The Ritz Is Putting On The Ritz

The Ritz-Carlton is putting on the Ritz with a ritzy new customer service lounge in the airport. They want to pamper their visitors from the very first moment they arrive. This continues the pattern at the Ritz. They are showing that there really is a level of service that’s the very best and they are setting the pace for perfection. Oh, the Community Foundation’s New Year’s eve Bash at the Ritz is sold out. So are Ritz rooms.

Hurricane Hunters Sign Lease

The Virgin Islands Business Journal reports that the Hurricane Hunters signed a lease with the Port Authority to continue operating out of St. Croix. They used to fly from Antigua, but moved to St. Croix last summer and now we can expect them back during the next hurricane season, again.

Bigger Boxes at Post Office

Are the Post Office Boxes getting bigger or are you seeing things? The Post office is bringing us larger Post Office Boxes to hold more mail and to clearly designate the local mail from the off-island mail. The new boxes were introduced yesterday at the Kingshill Post Office.

Movie Stars Start Here…

You could get into the movies if you meet the needs of the Virgin Islands Film office. They are looking for a few of the just right people. An Eagle Scout age 10 to 15, A pretty outgoing woman age 18 to 25 and a lounge singer man or woman. They are interviewing on December 30th at the dept. of Tourism Office.

Unified Festival St. Croix

The best news from St. Croix Festival is the success of the unified Festival committee. Bringing together the two cities in a unified festival committee is bringing about an era of unity in St. Croix according to Commissioner of Agriculture Arthur Petersen. He says the search for the most happening place is over and there is one village.

Calypso Monarch Competition

The Calypso Monarch Competition is tonight at 8:00 PM at festival village, with more than 25 Calypsonians competing for the title Calypso Monarch. They each have to do two songs, one social commentary and one party song. Contestants this year include Figgy, Mighty Willow, Super T, General B, Renegade Lady Brain, Waggy, Generic, Scary Diamond, Mighty Pat, Spade, & King Herring. Special guests include Galloway, King Derby and King Louis Ible Jr. King Obstinate will be the MC and the background band is Xpress Band.

Stop Juvenile Delinquency

The Law Enforcement Planning Commission is seeking proposals from Virgin Islands Government agencies for projects in juvenile Justice and Delinquency prevention. There is 129,000 in grants available. Here’s a chance to begin the new year with a new idea. Call 774-6400 and tell them about your idea to end juvenile delinquency.

Workshop on Fire Setters

Today is the deadline to file applications for the juvenile firesetters workshop. The workshop is January 13th and 14th, but today is the day to sign up. Call Chief Jennings at 777-8060

Pearle Vision Calendar

Pearle Vision always has a new year calendar that features all of the presidents of the US. For 1997 they are adding the last 6 governors of the Virgin Islands. Teachers will love it with all the Presidents and recent governors. There are pictures of Governor’s Paewonski, Melvin Evans, Cyril King, Juan Luis, Alexander Farrelly and Governor Schneider.