Friday, December 06, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The Airport Is Getting Underground Electricity

WAPA is going to dig an underground duct bank to run electrical lines to the airport. 90% of the cost will be borne by FEMA as part of the hazard mitigation program. The underground feeder will survive hurricanes and help keep the airport open in the event of a storm.

Senate Hears Bad News; Some of Them Did…

The senators heard bad news about the state of the economy at yesterdays freshman orientation. They also heard that the senate doesn’t listen to the business community and passes laws without considering the impact. But, not all of the senators heard the message. At yesterday’s afternoon sessions was Lorraine Berry, Vargrave Richards, and the five newcomers. The old hands in the senate weren’t there to hear.

Hurricane 1997?

Will it be good news or bad. Dr. Gray of Colorado State University who predicts the hurricane season is releasing his data today. His site on the World Wide Web site has been swamped. Over 100,000 people have logged onto his Internet site to get the predictions which will be released today.

British Virgin Islands Dump 809

The British Virgin Islands has changed Telephone area codes. They dropped 809. Our neighbors to the east are now going to be in area code 284. We will have to dial the new area code to call the British Virgin Islands. That’s one more place getting out of 809.

Fire Service Hosts NYC Fire Crew

Virgin Islands Fire Service is bringing in some guests. The Fire Service is hosting 60 firefighters and their spouses from the New York City Fire Dept. They are coming on the Wednesday the 11th and the whole gang of fire fighters are going to have a party at Magens Bay. Funkyman says that in the tradition of Virgin Islands Hospitality, they are hosting a party and volleyball contest at Magens.

Davial Pleased with Crime Stats

Police Commissioner Ramon Davila is optimistic about the drop in our crime rate for robbery, burglary and vehicle theft. Davila points to the new measures being taken by the police to respond to these crimes. Special operations has cracked several Rings of Thieves. He reminded the Rotary members that everyone is part of the security system, The police can’t be on every street corner, but you are.

180 Days – No kidding.

The kids are going to school for 180 days. That’s what the Board of Education said in a written statement. They get 180 days. At Peace Corp. School it means school through July 2nd. At Berthe C. Boschulte School will run through June 27th and June 19th for Central and Woodson on St. Croix.

Charter Flight Available

There’s a charter plane coming. A consortium of hotels, including Frenchman’s Reef, Wyndham Sugar Bay, Bolongo Bay and Renaissance Beach have chartered a plane. The Boeing 757 will fly from Newark on Dec 24 and take the visitors back on January 1 for a price of $549. The news is that the flights back to NY on December 24 and returning December 31st are empty, so if you want to take 300 of your best friends to New York for Christmas, the round trip originating from here is only $250 or $150 for kids. There’s a deal. Lots of folks have called for more information. Travel Services Inc. in Red Hook is booking the trip from here Call 775-9035

Historic Preservation Rules and Regs.

The Department of Planning and Natural Resources Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation has published the Rules and Regulations for Historic Preservation. The new rules are open for public review at the offices in Wheatley Center 2.

Finally this

Elskoe and Associates have a Christmas fashion show and dance on Sunday from 6 to 10 PM at the Harborview Hotel. Ras Regg is one of the models. And our very own Ms. J will be the Commontater and Mistress of Ceremonies. What a way to spend Sunday evening.