Monday, August 04, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


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Good News for Local Farmers

Pueblo has agreed to permit local farmers to sell produce on consignment in the supermarket. This means more local produce in Pueblo, it also means lower prices for produce in the Pueblo and it means a boost for our local farmers.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 84 Degrees Water Temp: 72 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Chance of Rain: 20%: Beach and Swimming : Perfect Sailing and Diving : Perfect Drinks: Ready

New Prison Boss

Attorney General Julio Brady appoints Major Gerald V Enos to Acting Director of Bureau of Corrections. Enos was last the Director of Corrections in Key West where he oversaw the construction of a new facility and turned one of the nation’s worst prison systems into a model of efficient operations. He developed award winning rehabilitation programs.

Governor Schneider Says Estate Profit is in Legislature’s Hands

Governor Schneider proposal for distribution of land in Estate Profit is ready to go to the Legislature. He says the administration has done its part, now it is up to the Legislature. To pass the legislation that will deliver the titles to 28 families in Estate Profit

Report of Eruption in Montserrat.

We have a report out of Montserrat that indicates a new eruption has sent a pyroclastic flow to the town of Plymouth, the first time the lava has reached the capital city.

Contractors on the Hot Seat

Lorraine Berry says her office has lots of complaints about contractors. She is calling for public hearings on the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs into licensing of contractors. She describes “incredible frustration at the hands of errant contractors and she believes the Dept is remiss in discharging its duties.

Coming Up:

CAHS Seniors, your summer reading assignment is available today until noon. After today, you’ll miss the book and that means starting the school year behind, so get the book today. Senator Carol M. Burke is holding public hearings on the welfare reform act on Monday August 4th at the Senate Chambers St. Thomas at 6:00 PM Virgin Islands Council on the Arts has a series of workshops on how to apply for grants. August 4th at Fort Frederick in Frederiksted and August 5th at VICA’s Office in Christiansted St. Croix Coming Up Tomorrow: Night Out. This is the tenth anniversary of Night Out to celebrate ten years of working together to stop drugs, crime and violence. COAST is working with the Law Enforcement Planning Committee for an exciting Savan Night out at Rothschild Frances Market Square

Department of Education Seeks Librarians.

The Department of Education has announced that they are seeking qualified librarians and Special Education Teachers for the 97-98 school year. Call 774-0100 Ex 3051

Free Bicycles

Bluebird Juices is announcing a special giveaway of six Huffy bicycles. The Bluebird Summer Bike Givaway begins this week through the end of August. Entry forms are available at all Pueblo stores – one bike per store. You don’t need to purchase to enter the contest. Winners will be announced in September.

Ivanna Eudora Kean School Announces the Uniform Requirements

The administration of Ivanna Eudora Kean School released a statement on the acceptable clothing for the coming school year. No designer clothes, no stone washed jeans, No hats, knee high stocking, NO wrap skirts of tights or vests and no lace, frills or ornaments. Men will wear maroon pants, shirts will be light pink with selves and collar. Skirts will not be above the knee by more than an inch.


Water Island Report

Is this Brigadoon? Is there really an island here? Or Are we lost in the mists. Can anyone confirm seeing Water Island In the last 100 years?

It’s your Good News! You tell us and we’ll tell everyone.