Wednesday, August 21, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The Senators Put Safety in the Schools First

The senate passed bill 21-160, The Safe Schools Act. Senators Liburd, Gomez and Richards led the voting to pass the bill. 5 years or $5000 for carrying a weapon on school grounds. Its a felony. The bill requires principals to report violent activity to the depts of Justice and the police and requires a coordinated response to school violence from these government agencies. Young people who get into fist fights will get a class on conflict resolution to help settle differences without fists. The bill calls for a uniform code of discipline throughout the territory, The bill also puts parents on the hook for the violence of their children.

Other Senate News

The senate sent the bill to create a Water and Power Rapid Response Disaster Recovery Fund, and the inter-agency council for the elderly back to committee. They passed a bill sponsored by Sen Donastorg to aid in the removal of asbestos. They honored the National Guard who served in Bosnia and they voted to study the export of WAPA bottled water. The bill is the first export product enhancement to come out of the senate.

First Computers in Schools

And the last shall be first. The schools that got the worst Hurricane Marilyn damage will be the first to get computer labs. Surprise, those modular classrooms are already wired for computers. That means Lockhart, Peace Corp and Boschulte schools get the first computers in the Education Department’s five year plan. The funds are from a federal grant

Checks Available

Students who worked for the Anti-lItter and Beautification campaign this summer are to report to the office to pick up your checks. That;’s today from 10 to 2 PM.

AmAir Stops Flight from NYC

What happened to American Airlines. The announced that they were suspending the direct flight from NYC to St. Thomas on Sept 4. The good news is that they will resume flying the direct flight on November 17 five days a week and full time again on December 14th.

Good News Weather:

Looks like Standard Paradise Conditions, clear, sunny, A chance of afternoon rain showers. High around 85-90 Winds East at 10 to 12 mph. We have no major storms on the horizon


  • On the Calendar: Tonight, There’s a harbor night in Fredreksted St. Croix the roads will be closed downtown from 6 PM
  • Elskoe Associates meeting at Percy’s Bus Stop at 5:30
  • Water haulers are meeting at Eunice’s Terrace in Smith’s Bay at 6:30
  • CAHS Class of 74 at the Y. DeLima Building at 5:30
  • Class of 1986 will meet at Dober Elementary to plan the cruise.
  • Toastmasters 4040U will meet at Petite Pump Room at 5:30
  • Tomorrow Zone A police invite you to a community meeting at 6:30 PM.
  • There’s a workshop to turn an idea into a grant proposal and how to get grant money. Its on St. Croix tomorrow at 9 AM.

Finally This, Today’s Sore Spot:

Today’s Sore Spot is between Bonne Esperance and Estate Pearl where all the street lights went down in Hurricane Bertha and they are still a mess. Our Sore spot caller says it is really dark up there. They fixed Monday’s sore spot at L’Escargo and they fixed the sore spot by the subbase laundrymat.