Monday, August 26, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


New Education Commissioner

Liston Davis is the Governor’s new Commissioner of Education. Davis is hailed as a no-nonsense Administrator who gets things done. The new Commissioner reports that the schools are ready to open, despite a few flaws. The supplies are here and we will open on time. All faculty are in school today and tomorrow

School Plans

St. Thomas St. John public schools: Ivanna Eudora Kean School, Charlotte Amalie High School, and the skills center will open on Aug 27th. The following schools will open on the 28th – Gomez, Edith Williams, Dober, Sibilly, Evelyn Marcelli, Ulla Muller, Benjamin Oliver, Kirwin, Tuit and Guy Benjamin on St. John. The modular classrooms at Lockhart , Peace Corp and Berthe C. Boschulte School will be open at a later date. At the Sibilly School they are asking for volunteers to come help with the last minute set up. You can go there today to help. Addelita Cancryn Junior High School 7th grade is meeting at 4 PM at Charlotte Amalie High School auditorium 8th grade is meeting at 5:45. Saints Peter and Paul School is delaying school opening until August 29th. New Horizon will hold orientation on Friday the 30th.

Tourism Commissioner

Wiley Whisonant, has been nominated the new Commissioner of Tourism. He used to work as the travel director for George Bush in the White House. He is going to raise our profile in travel newspapers and he is not going to cancel the contract with our advertising agency, just redirect the activity.

Water Haulers

Water haulers are in a controversy. Department of Licensing & Consumer Affairs wants all water haulers to get meters so we can tell how much water we are buying. The water haulers are trying to get the legislature to reverse the rule and not make them buy meters. The issue is coming to a head and if you care about the meters, it is a good time to call your senator with your view.

Parade Call

All troupe leaders and members are reminded of the Coral Bay Labor Day Parade. One year the whole parade was a donkey and a goat walking down Center Line Road. This year they promise at least one horse will be in the parade, and your troupe could be too. Troupe leaders and food vendors can call Lottie O’Neil at 776-6346 The Date is Monday Sept 2 and your troupe could be there.

Good News Weather:

Clouds gave way to sunshine. We have a high today around 90 with Winds NE 10-15. Hurricane Edouard was last situated at 18.2 N, and 53.9 West moving at 15 mph with winds of 130 MPH. It seems to be tracking to the north of us. The Governor says business as usual.

On the Calendar:

  • Howard University has a workshop this evening on The College of Your Choice at 5:30 at the Legislature Conference room St. Thomas
  • Tomorrow: Edith Williams school is hosting a conference to promote family-school-community partnerships. It is being held at Frenchman’s Reef from 8 AM to 3 PM with guest speaker Dr Don Davies from Boston, and Dr Rita Howard from UVI and Mrs. Heyliger. Bus transportation will leave the school at 7:40 AM for the free ride to Frenchman’s Reef.

Today’s Sore Spot:

Our sore spot caller says there’s a Blue truck in the bus stop by Nisky. It has license plate J-439, and its full of trash. Our caller says its been there for more than a month and it blocking the bus stop. Can the Department of Public Works get this truck moved? How about a roving tow truck driver – go grab this truck.