Friday, August 23, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


One Thousand Tarp Roofs. FEMA goes Platinum.

FEMA and the Department of Public Works have replaced almost 1000 tarp roofs since Hurricane Bertha. Well, 995 roofs. Thats a lot of tarp roofing. Anyone still needing replacement roofing should go to the Recovery Center in Nisky, Tutu Mall, the legislature building on St. John or Sunny Isle St. Croix.

Cheek says: “Enough”

The Commissioner of Education has called it quits. Amid concern with the repair of the schools and hounding from the political candidates, Cheek says he has had it. Commissioner Edgell of Tourism submitted his resignation and the hiring of a new Commissioner was in the works. We’ll keep you posted.

The Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority Stages Extra Crews

The Virgin Island Water and Power Authority announced that they are going to have three off-island crews stationed on each of the big islands to be ready for any disaster. The island crews of 21 linemen are overloaded. So WAPA is bringing in three crews to do hot line work and be ready for any emergency.

NAVY Visiting

The Navy is visiting in St. Croix until Sunday. The Navy missile Cruise ship Bella Gulf is visiting Fredriksted. There are 400 sailors on board. The Navy is also on St. John today The USS hayler will be in Cruz Bay through Sunday.

Bureau of Internal Revenue Reminds You…

The bureau of internal revenue reminds all employers that paying people with a check is a safe way to insure that you have an accurate record of the pay. Don’t pay with cash as it is too hard to keep your records accurate and the employee might miss out of proper social security payments, workmen’s compensation and unemployment insurance.

Good News Weather

Partly cloudy this morning with showers diminishing today. High around 90 Winds NE 15-20. Tropical storm Edouard is 1100 miles east of here, at 14.0 N, and 38.0 West moving at 17 mph with winds of 60 MPH. That’s still five days away.

On the Calendar:

  • Sports people come to Florence Willams Library Christiansted at 6 PM with your team rosters.
  • Ben Ammi is the speaker at 7:30 PM at room 202 Humanities building University of the Virgin Islands.
  • America’s Cup Challenge is having a slide and video program at 7 PM at Estate Nazareth Bay Clubhouse.
  • St. Croix Election Board is demonstrating the voting machines at East End Fire Station from 3 to 5 PM.
  • Committee To Revive Our Culture is meeting at the Cultural Heritage Institute at 5:30.
  • Tomorrow: Business and Professional Women Organization is holding a workshop at Lockhart Memorial hall of St Andrews Church at 8:30 AM on Saturday
  • 9 AM at Tutu Park Mall Post Office breast cancer awareness and early detection campaign
  • Medical Air Service Association Golf Tournament is being held at Mahogany Run Golf Course 23 to 25. Costs $125.

Today’s Sore Spot

A young boy called yesterday to say that there are heavy trucks parked in Contant behind the Texaco that block the entrance to the playground. He says the trucks belong to Mitch and King and Son company. Can we please move those trucks please.