Friday, August 16, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


No Pay Raises for the Senate

The Senators turned down attempts to raise their salaries. They defeated pay cuts too. They did pass Lorraine Berry’s amendment that will change the way the Senator’s salaries have been raised in the past. This will allow the Governor to offer competitive salaries to attract the most qualified officials without giving the Senators an automatic raise.

Three for Physical Exam Law

Lorraine Berry also passed a bill to require a third person to be present when any physician conducts a physical exam on a female. It was passed unanimously.

Olympic Stars

The Governor hosted our Olympic athletes yesterday. While they didn’t bring home Olympic medals, they are all winners in our eyes. The Governor had medals and certificates for each and all. He pledged support for athletic facilities on all islands.

Ideas that work

At the National Governors Convention, they agreed to share ideas that work. The Virgin Islands submitted Project Springboard that helps welfare parents move into permanent jobs as an idea that works. They shared our financial assistance program for consumers of energy efficient appliances and they highlighted our Automatic Library System to give all island libraries access to a common bibliography as an idea that works.

Congressman Victor Frazer Says: Scholarship

Congressman Victor Frazer announced that the Black Congressional Spouse Scholarship Fund made a $4000 scholarship available for a local student in a college program. Applications are at the Congressman’s office.

The Navy is Coming.

Navys coming. Saturday there’s a welcome party in front of Palm Passage starting at 5:30 to 10 PM. You can adopt a sailor and host one of our visitors. Come to Adopt a sailor Saturday from noon to 6 and Sunday 9 to 5 PM.

On the Calendar:

  • Tonight at 7 PM the Cultural Heritage Institute has a lecture about the inhabitants of these islands 6000 years ago.
  • The Class of 1961 is meeting today at 6 PM Rainbow Early Learning in Fredenhoj,
  • On Sat: at 2 PM there’s a lecture on the Taino World at the Cultural Heritage Institute
  • Sat: East End Lions Club has a food sale in the Ft Christian Parking Lot from 11 AM until the food’s gone.
  • And on Saturday there’s Sat: East End Lions Club has a food sale in the Ft Christian Parking Lot from 11 AM until the food is gone.
  • The legislature is hosting a bike competition on sat at Frydenhoj-Nazareth stretch. There’s a pedal race, a wheelie contest, best bike and the coast race. The repeat event is on St. Croix on Aug. 18th
  • Car Stereo Competition. Best car stereo wins $500 CASH Aug. 18 at Lionel Roberts Stadium. Categories include best car, best truck, best classic.

Finally This:

A caller suggested that the Good News Guy report on Sore Spots. That’s a place on the islands that needs a clean up, or something fixed. I’ll do that. Today’s Sore Spot is in Subbase between L’Escargo and Nisky where there is no street light at night and a the darkness attracts crime. So WAPA, here’s a chance to fix a sore spot. Put in a new street light. You can call the Good News guy and nominate any Sore Spot you think should be fixed.