Thursday, April 09, 1998

US Virgin Islands

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BCB to Test Middle School Concept.

The incoming class of sixth graders who would go to the E. Benjamin Oliver School will attend Berthe C. Boschulte School beginning this coming school year the idea is to group sixth graders with 7th and 8th graders and begin the new block scheduling with the 6th grade.

Today’s Photo: Allesandra at Crown Bay Marina

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 84 Degrees at 11 AM Skies: Scattered Clouds, Scattered showers. Chance of Showers: 20%: Water Temp: Perfect Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: On Hold for Good Friday!!

Easter Messages Come in

There are a number of Holy week messages coming into WSTA. Senator Petrus extends his greeting to the Virgin Islands community with a message of peace and love in the Easter Season. Delegate Christian-Green has also sent her message for Easter noting that Christians, Moslems and Jews all have high holy days in this season. We are all Gods Children and entitled to a life of dignity, spiritual and intellectual growth, fulfillment and the pursuit of happiness.

Tomorrow is Good Friday

You are reminded that tomorrow is Good Friday and Virgin Islands law forbids the sale of alcoholic beverages between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM tomorrow The fine is $200 which is a lot to pay for a drink.

WTJX Waiting for Parts

WTJX is still off the air. They are waiting for a custom made part and expect it within a few days and this late news, they are expecting the gear on Friday and if all goes well WTJX should be back on the air on Monday. They thank all their loyal viewers for support while we are waiting for the parts.

They Want More Rental Cars on St. John

At last nights public hearings on the car rental business on SYJ, the message came through over and over – we need more rental cars and more years of use for each rental car. They also want to stop the practice of renting cars on St. Thomas and barging them to St. John.

Sea Chest Backs Carnival Vision

Each booth in the carnival village will be able to get 4 gallons of paint to be used to decorate and the booth that is best in show will get $1000 from Sea Chest. Booth owners will get a certificate good for the free paint and register for the best booth contest. Sea Chest is the local distributor for BLP Paints and they encourage other businesses to support carnival.

Jones Calls for Economic Development

Senator David Jones held a press conference in Frederiksted to unveil his ideas to stimulate the Virgin Islands economy. The Jones Plan is a billion dollar economic stimulus package to include major capital improvements projects involving hotel, prison and school construction. Jones is also calling for government debt refinancing. He says the funds would come from outside investors and finance companies and the funds would be used to pay off outstanding debt on our bond service and pay retroactive wages. That’s Senator Jones’s plan.

Don’t Use Publication 15A!

Employers are reminded that they need to use Publication 15, not 15A to compute their employee’s withholding taxes. Don’t use 15A which is distributed by Social Security- the correct document is publication 15 which is available from the IRB on St. Thomas and St. Croix

Forecast Says Mild Hurricane Season

Dr Gray is the expert on hurricanes. And his forecast is the most widely read in the hurricane prediction business. Dr. Gray says in his April report statement that this year will be 10 named storms, six developing into hurricanes and two big ones that will cause damage. Will they come here, Can’t say, but a lot will depend on the state of El Nino. If it abates this summer, we will have a stronger season. If El Nino returns, the season will be mild.

Coral World Releases Turtle

The Curator of Exhibits at Coral world says they are planning to release a rehabilitated Hawksbill Sea Turtle today. The turtle is an endangered species and this one was taken illegally as a hatchling on St. John. He spent 6 months in a tub being raised by a St. Thomas family. That family could face a 6 month jail stretch or $500 in fines for harboring the endangered special.

Water Island Report

Not even a bar to get a fine for drinking on Good Friday. You are on your own.

It’s your Good News! You tell us and we’ll tell everyone.