Wednesday, April 16, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The Carnival Junior Calypso King is a Queen

Prince Edward lost his title as Junior Calypso King to Nat’Tisha “Lady Tish” Anderson. Lady Tish took the crowd’s heart with a song that focused on the times. She bested St. Croix ës Princess Toya and a crew of 9 competitors for the title. Our Carnival Junior Calypsonian is Queen Lady Tish. 04/16/97 9:28 AM

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 80 Degrees Water Temp: 70 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud, 10% chance of showers Beach: Perfect Swimming: Perfect Diving: Perfect Sailing: Extraordinary today! Drinks: Ready

Ann Abramson and WAPA say Good-bye.

The WAPA Board meeting on Tuesday was mostly about the 15 million that the government owes to WAPA, most of it 180 days old and every dollar of it threatening WAPA’s operations. The Board also bid farewell to Ann Abramson of Public Works . They also devoted the majority of their meeting to the financial problems – the word is that the government still owes WAPA approximately 15 million dollars most of which is more than 180 days old.

We Have A Fire Problem.

You can’t miss how dry it is and dry weather means fire hazards. The Dept. of Dept. of Agriculture and the Fire Service have issued a ban on all fires. Until the weather changes – no fires. 04/16/97 9:28 AM

Port Authority: Move Dump or Move Airport.

Gordon Finch, Director of the Port Authority, wrote an open letter to the Virgin Islands about the Rholsen Airport on St. Croix and the landfill problem. He says politicians have taken a stand not to move the dump and this is going to cost us 4.7 million in lost federal funds, it may keep us from getting regular FAA funds and it could cost the airport its certification. There is an alternative – move the airport, even though this is ridiculously expensive. Maybe it is easier to move the airport than to move the landfill.

It Must be Carnival, MSI T-shirt is Available

You can tell it is Carnival time, the contests and the carnival music and MSI Carnival T-shirt is out. This years MSI Calypso T-shirt is a real collector’s item. It features a colorful painting by local artist Phebe Schwartz.

Main Street Parking Ban is Good.

A survey of residents shows that almost three quarters of us think the Main Street Parking ban has been a good idea, it made Main Street less congested, and had unexpected benefits too – less exhaust pollution in downtown. The Gov. says after Carnival, the parking ban will go back into effect.

The Marine Research Lease Closer.

The lease for the Univ. of South Carolina to develop a marine research facility on St. Croix has been hanging around the legislature for a long time, Now it is one step closer to reality.. Senator Hansen worked with the senators on the current Finance Committee to get the lease passed through committee and now the lease is on its way to the Senate Floor.

New Scale at the Abattoir

It is one thing to take agricultural animals to the abattoir for slaughter – its another matter to figure our how much meat the animal yields. Now the St. Croix abattoir has a new scale that will weigh the animals carcass after the process is complete. It is good news for the farmers.

St. Croix Mid-Island Lighting Needs Help.

You can make some good news. In mid-island St. Croix, the Administrator is trying to get all the street lights back in operation, but the crews often can’t find the pole they are looking for. If you are in Mid-Island St. Croix, you are being asked to put signs up to help the crews identify the plots where the lights need work.

Road Work Done

Tyrone Martin Called from Dept. of Public Works to say theta the repair of the parade route is complete from Gottlieb’s to Market Square and Around the Lionel Roberts Stadium. The rest of the road work is night work. TNM Thanks the motoring public for giving the work men consideration during the repairs.

2:00 PM – Coral Bay Report

Dept. of Agriculture is hosting a Special Earth Day Event in Coral Bay at the Farm of Josephine Roller. April 21 and 22 there will be a series of workshops and demonstrations at the Roller Farm showing the use of solar energy, composting, recycling, water use and conservation.

3:00 PM – Water Island Report:

The new Water Island Ferry boat schedule is going to press. Fresh copies of the schedule with a map on it should be available in a few days. .

Coming Up:

Lunch time Gigs in Emancipation Garden with Berthe C. Boschulte School Flaming Flames that’s at 11AM 8:00 PM – Cultural Activities Committee presents the King and Queen of the Bands Competition at Lionel Roberts Stadium at 8:00 PM – Admission is Free. 8:30 PM – Communication Arts Showcase at the Emanuel Benjamin Oliver for Primary Grades.

Gas Powered Book Mobile

The Book mobile is back and now it is a rolling demonstration of gas conservation too. The Dept. of Libraries and the Virgin Islands energy office came together to make a propane gas powered bookmobile. It will do everything a bookmobile should o and it demonstrates that propane gas is a better way to power automobiles.

And the Winners Are

Traditional Mocko Jumbies Carnival troupes announced the winners of their raffle Ticket #549 Ms. Doker gets two round trip tickets to Puerto Rico. Ticket #1520 DeLisa Harrigan gets a gift certificate to Vergillios and #62 Sharica Smalls gets a gift certificate to Cafesito.