Thursday, April 24, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


It’s J’Ouvert

Yesterday was Food Fair in the Virgin Islands. Market Square was a village of booths, food, music and people. You name it, if it was food, it was there From Kallaloo to Roti to Flying Fish and a hundred forms of conch. Today is J’Ouvert and the road march is wending its way to Subbase from Emancipation Garden. Tonight is the Calypso Monarch competition, raised to a new level of excitement due to the presence of talent scouts from the New Yorker Magazine search for new musical talent. 04/24/97 8:29 AM

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 80 Degrees Water Temp: 71 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, No Clouds Road March Conditions: Perfect Beach: Perfect Swimming: Perfect Diving: Perfect Sailing: Light wind, almost perfect Drinks: Ready

American Eagle is Full

Good news for Carnival, American Eagle says it is flying at capacity. All seats are full to St. Thomas for Carnival.

America’s Cup Challenge Hires Marketing Wizard

The America’s Cup Challenge announced has hired Steven Rohrlick as the syndicate’s VP of Marketing. Rohrlick has previously been the marketing wizard for Dennis Connor’s 1987 Comeback campaign where he generated more than a million dollars in contributions by using toll free phone lines effectively. This is the same man who thought up the 800-USVI-INFO campaign.

Bad News from Delegate Dr Donna Christian-Green

The Child Care provisions of the welfare reform law do not include the Territories. The House committee that is working on changes to the Welfare reform law decided not to include the territories in the same category with states and we will not receive Ω of 1% of the proposed child care funds.

St. Croix Enterprise Zones

The Governor has made a declaration that both Frederiksted and Christiansted are now Enterprise Zones. The designation allows businesses in the cities to get certain tax benefits, tax exemptions, wage credits and credits for rehabilitating buildings. There are also facilities for pension plans for workers in the enterprise zones. The idea of the special designation is to help revitalize the economies of St. Croix’s major cities.

The Navy is coming for more

The aircraft carrier USS George Washington will be staying an extra day. The original plan brought the ship in on May 29th – next Tuesday for a stay until June 1. That has been extended until June 2nd. The ship carries a crew of 5500 officers, men and women.

Where did you send your Tax return?

The Bureau of Internal Revenue reminds you that if you are a bone fide Virgin Islands resident, you must file your return here, don’t send it to a IRS Processing center in the Continental US. The return gets delivered here.

Scholarships for Medical Training

The Bennie and Martha Benjamin Foundation has scholarships for students in the medical fields like midwifery, physical therapy, medical technology and medical school. Call Mrs. Jackson at 778-4711

Everett Wilkinson is a winner.

Let’s Get this story right , now. He is a 9th grader at CAHS and the winner of the EPA Poetry Contest. He has been writing poetry for years and has a plaque coming to the school for his efforts to write poetry about the environment. The ceremony is in New York City and Everett and his mother left yesterday for New York City to receive the plaque.

Big Thanks

Big Thank You to Cellular One from Mocko Jumbies Jamboree, Cassandra Creque has a Big Thank You for Community Motors. Nicci Roos, thanks Cuzzins restaurant and Alexandria Collins has a Big Thank You for Vitelco – All the members of Mocko Jumbies Jamboree say Thanks for sponsoring us.

RIF Reader Winner

Jason Brin is a great reader. He won national praise for his reading from the Reading is Fundamental program. Jason, a 7 year old from Sts Peter and Paul is a National runner-up in the National reading is Fundamental Reading celebration. Jason wins $100 savings bond, a library of books and magazine subscriptions and a dictionary. Sts Peter and Paul also gets cash to buy more books.

Water Island Report

Water Island resident Elaine Grisson was in the Daily News today and the topic was the coming demolition of the hotel. Grisson is concerned with the dust and asbestos that will be generated by the demolition of the old hotel.