Thursday, April 17, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The King and Queen of The Band have been Selected

Last night was the King and Queen of the Band Competition and Culture Night at Lionel Roberts Stadium. Newcomer Hugga Bunch took the King of the Band title from defending king William Champagne Chandler. The Queen of the Band is Arah Lockhart from Elskoe and Associates. Brandon Smith and Ambia Lockhart are junior King and Queen of the Band, both from The Sunday Children Troup. 04/16/97 4:53 pm

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 80 Degrees Water Temp: 70 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Sunny, Not a Cloud to be seen Beach: Perfect Swimming: Ahhh – Perfect Diving: Perfect Sailing: Perfect Drinks: Ready

Appropriations Sub Committee Members are Coming

A group of Congressmen from the House Appropriations Sub Committee are in the Virgin Islands to assess the effectiveness of federal mitigation efforts. They are visiting emergency housing facilities, Army Corp. of Engineer projects, the airports and FEMA projects. Delegate Christian-Green and Governor Schneider are both planning activities for the congressional delegation. On St. Croix they will visit the Abramson pier, VITEMA headquarters, and Buck Island. On St. Thomas they will see the emergency housing in Estate Nazareth and our airport. The congressmen leave Tuesday morning for Puerto Rico to inspect projects there. 04/17/97 9:17 AM

HervÈ 1 Year today

HervÈ restaurant is 1 year old today and they are so pleased that in the he first year they have made headlines in magazines like Gourmet where HervÈ was the only Virgin Islands restaurant in their annual restaurant issue. The Washington Post, Boston Globe and Travel Weekly all rated HervÈ as one of the best.

St. John Dock Project Costs More

The Plans to build a new terminal in St. John at Enighed Pond hit a snag on Wednesday. Gordon Finch told the Port Authority Board that the project will not cost more 10 million dollars but 26 million. The material they plan to dredge off the pond bottom isn’t good for fill behind the bulkheads. Senator Liburd is calling a Town Meeting on St. John for the Port Authority Board to explain this to the people and develop a solution. The opening of a new dock at the Pond is considered an economically critical step for St. John.

Cops are getting More Bikes

The St. Croix Business community gave our police a donation to support the bicycle patrols. K-Mart Manager Craig Carter said that the police bicycle patrols really work and they want two more police equipped bicycles on the roads.

Delegate Dr Donna Christian-Green calls for Senior Interns

Our Delegate to Congress is looking for a few senior citizens to come to Washington for an internship in Congress. The application deadline is April 30th Call 800-363-4762 if you are a senior and you want to spend a week in May in Washington as an intern. 04/17/97 9:21 AM

Christiansted parking is getting a review.

St. Croix Administrator Rogers is organizing a task force to review the parking problems in Christiansted. The options include identifying new spaces, setting time limits and refurbishing the municipal parking lot.

The America’s Cup Challenge Team Meeting

The Virgin Islands America’s Cup Challenge design and technology team has been meeting this week to formalize their design strategy and work on computer models of their America’s Cup Challenge Yacht. The first report on New Zealand weather says steady winds of 20 MPH, they’re designing for heavy wind. The first of the America’s Cup Challenge license plates are beginning to show up on the street. For only $200 you can have your favorite digits on your car’s plate.

* Big Thank You to Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Lines gets a Big Thank you for coming to St. Croix for a beach clean up. The crew of Carnival Cruise lines did a marathon clean up of the beaches in the Christiansted area and won the praises of the tourism Commissioner, and the Frederiksted Administrator. The crews were feted with an appreciation picnic at the plaque presentation ceremony. Thanks Carnival Cruise Lines.

Department of Education Heroes

Liston Davis the Commissioner of Education announced the Employees of the Year. Monica Rabsatt and Marc Biggs. Monica is on he faculty of the Lockhart Elementary School and Marc Biggs works is the coordinator of Administrative Services on St. Croix. They were selected among 28 nominees for the award and Liston Davis gave high praise to all the nominees who are a credit to the Department of Education.

Original Mocko Jumbies in Movies.

Master Mocko Jumbie Alli Paul called with good news. The Original Mocko Jumbies are going to be in a film today as the folks from Disney come to make a movie for EuroDisney. And on Saturday the whole troupe is going to Orlando’s Universal studios to do a film for the Nickelodeon Channel. That’s good news from the Original Mocko Jumbies.

Water Island Report

The new ferry boat schedule is available with a genuine map of the Last Virgin. National Geographic is planning a short story on Water Island.