Thursday, April 03, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


St. Croix Woman – Miss Cherry Blossom – Washington DC

Christine Dyer is Miss Cherry Blossom for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington. You know, when the cherry blossoms emerge in the spring, Washington is awash with color, and Christine Dyer of St. Croix is the Princess of the festival – this year from April 6th to the 12th. Dyer is a UVI student who will give our islands a luster and shine in the festival. Dyer is from 04/03/97 7:39 AM

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 79 Degrees Water Temp: 70 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Beach: Perfect Swimming: Perfect Diving: Perfect Sailing: Perfect Drinks: Ready

Governor Signs Agreement on Drug Lab

The US Customs Service is going to help the Virgin Islands Police test illegal drugs. The new agreement would help get our police labs set up in St. Croix and St. Thomas. They will do analysis in Puerto Rico while our forensics lab in St. Croix gets renovated and new lab is built when the Police Academy is built. And its a bargain, only $1900 per month. 04/03/97 7:29 AM

Governor Schneider says, “The audit will do the same work”

The Governor vetoed the financial control board bill. It would violate the separations of powers, the legislature would choose the members of an executive branch commission – . He also pointed to the recent audit and the ongoing audits of the Government’s books are an effort that does not need to be duplicated. 04/03/97 7:31 AM

American Airlines – Summer Special

Governor Schneider also announced an effort to get more airlines flying to the Virgin Islands. American Airlines is going to add another flight a day for the summer in a special promotion – there’s a catch – we have to pay $100,000 for each of the three months for the advertising campaign. The Governor says the government will pay 150,000 and the Hotel Association will pay $100,000 so they are looking for another $50,000 from the private sector. 04/03/97 7:44 AM

INS Overloaded

The Immigration and Naturalization is swamped with people who are worried about their status. As of today, the Service will distribute 100 color coded numbers each day and service each of those 100 people each day. If you need information 774-1390. 04/03/97 8:39 AM

Phone Line Repair

VITELCO says that a truck severed a major phone line in Long Bay and service is still interrupted. They Blue Stripers are at work repairing the damage but if your phone is still out, go to a working phone and call 912.

Coming Up:

Farmers on St. John – Michelle Martinez and George Button will be at the St. John Agriculture Office from 9 to 3:00 PM – to receive crop report from farmers. µ Berthe Boschulte Team I (EYE) meeting in the Library at 12:30 PM µ Enhancements of Jam Band meeting at 7:30 in Emancipation Garden There is a new art exhibit in the Gallery Space at Fort Christian Museum. A trio of artists are on display this week and there’s a reception tonight at 5:30 PM. The show will be open through the month of April.

Thank You David Boaz!

A Big Thank you to David Boaz from Nikki Tyler of the Mocko Jumbie Jamboree for sponsoring her in the Parade.

Water Island Report

Sad news on the Good News Headlines? It happens. You heard when my boat sank, now the Lord has taken my dog. It’s only a dog, you say, but what a friend! They ask no more than the scraps from the table and a chance to sleep on the floor, they guard the house and protect you from danger. They love you whether you fall in live or float to the top. No matter what your station in life, be it high or low your dog’s love knows no bounds. Go pat your dog on the head for me. Tell them how much you care about them and love them. Thank them for being a good dog, that’s their good news. And if you know where to find a Scottish Border Collie as fine as Mr. Tweed, by all means write.