Monday, April 14, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Taisha Gomes Is Carnival Queen

Taisha Gomes took the Carnival Queen pageant Sponsored by Blue Beards Castle. The 17 year old from All Saints took Best Talent, Best Evening Wear and Best Costume. Petrani Cornelius took the title for Miss Cooperative and Miss Intellect. Tisa Pacquette took the Miss Photogenic and was first runner up. Celeste Rogers won the Miss Congeniality. We have a queen. 04/14/97 9:22 AM

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 81 Degrees Water Temp: 71 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Beach: Perfect Swimming: Ah – So excellent Diving: Crystal Clear Waters Sailing: Brisk Drinks: Ready

Calypso Contest Today

Steven Bornn will hold a secret meeting today and reveal the name of the winner of the MSI Calypso of the year award. The contestants are Debra Sugar Dee Nurse, King Kan Fuc- Plentae, Louis Ible Jr. And Samuel “Mighty Pat” Ferdinand. 04/14/97 9:25 AM

Charity Hodge of E. Benjamin Oliver won Newspaper Contest

Eleven year old Charity Hodge won the Governor’s praise for the excellence of her answers on the role of newspapers in a democracy and on questions about the articles in the newspaper. The Daily News sponsored the contest to encourage students to read the newspaper. This year . A big thank you to the Daily News for organizing the contest.04/14/97 9:22 AM

This is Medical Laboratory Week in the Virgin Islands.

Governor Schneider announced the special recognition of laboratories in the hospitals. Today’s level of medical miracle wouldn’t be possible without the exacting standards of the Hospital Laboratory. Take a moment this week to thank your laboratory staff at all the hospitals.

Virgin Islands America’s Cup Challenge Vanity License Plate

The Motor Vehicle Dept. is helping the America’s Cup Challenge with special license plates. The Plates come with any number between 1 and 1000 and showcase the Logo of the Cup Challenge. And the fund go to the Challenge. The phone number to call is 774-9090.The America’s Cup Challenge is also looking for their crew. If you are interested and have the physical strength of an athlete, Call 774-9090 04/11/97 4:12 PM

Tiv is Coming to St. Thomas

This is good news. Tiv is the name of the fragrance. Tiv is also a designer fragrance company that found a secret ingredient in the Caribbean and made it an international hit. The company is now moving its whole operation from Washington DC to St. Thomas. Cynthia Jerry, CEO of Tiv says St. Thomas is a great place to do business. And did you know Tiv is consistently in the top 30 fragrances – now a Virgin Islands business.,04/14/97 10:47 AM

Dept. of Public Works Fixing Carnival Roads

Tyrone Martin Called from Dept. of Public Works to announce that they are going to be patching the parade route along Harwood Highway from Gotleibs to Market Square and from Fort Christian Parking Lot to Lionel Roberts Stadium. This work will go on during the day with single lane and flag men. The main street road repair work from Market Square to Fort Christian will be done at night to minimize inconvenience. 04/14/97 11:22 AM

New Building in Frederiksted.

Governor Schneider was part of the ground breaking for the new Frederiksted Retail mall that will be located between Strand Street and King Street one block from the pier. The project is expected to be complete in November of this year with 10,000 sq. ft of retail space. The project will cost 1.2 million dollars. The Governor also broke ground in Mount Pleasant for an affordable housing project. The next phase of the project is continuing with 22 more homes to be added to the 96 already complete. 04/14/97 9:22 AM

Mariendahl Roads are Getting Fixed.

Mariendahl homeowners had a big thank you for Governor Schneider for coming out to see their road problems and then doing something to fix the mess. For years. Mariendahl residents have had to cope with roads that were in deplorable condition and now the repair work has begun and in four months the Mariendahl roads will be complete.

Coming Up:

11:00 AM – Lunchtime Gigs in Emancipation Garden: Pan Rhapsody Steel band. Tax Help at the Bureau of Internal Revenue Long Bay to 4:00 PM and at the Bureau of Internal Revenue in Lagoon Complex St. Croix also at Government Finance Center in Christiansted

Or visit the IRS on the web at:

2:00 PM – – 3:30 PM – At the Adult Ed Center La Grande Princess There is a science fair exhibition. 5:30 PM – Gypsy Troups meeting at American Legion Hall in Subbase – bring your shoes. 6:00 PM – Carnival News: The Fort Christian Parking Lot is closing for the Carnival Village From April 14th until May 2nd. The Parking Lot will reopen May 5th. There’s a Carnival show for St. Thomas Hospital residents at 6:00 PM Schneider Hospital Lobby

Water Island Report

The New Water Island Ferry Boat Schedule is going to press today – Any Changes Call them in to me.

Hero of the Hour

Vania Thomas is our Miss Virgin Islands and she is going to the Miss Universe contest in May, but in the meantime, she’s staring in a TV show for MTV, the popular cable music channel. The MTV crew was on Hans Lollick to shoot a film about survival on a desert island. Vania was one of the instructors along with Kenny Turbe. The segment will air on MTV in May – maybe just in time for the Miss Universe Pageant.

Virgil Ortiz – Making Good news.

You remember the car crash of June 16, 1996 when four honor students where killed. One of the survivors with the seat belts is Virgil Ortiz. He wrote by e-mail to say he is doing fine in his Junior year at Kent State University in Aerospace Technology. Without any car insurance his medical bills piled up. It has been a up-hill battle for me financially. He says Lt. Governor Mapp is right, we need compulsory automobile insurance. Virgil Ortiz is making good news. E-mail: