Friday, April 18, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


It was an upset at Brass-o-Rama – X-press Band Wins!

X-press Band beat Imaginations Brass at the Heineken Brass-o-Rama last night at Lionel Roberts Stadium. Amid a crowd of 4,000 screaming fans, X-Press Band’s coordinated costumes, tight arrangement of the test tune, and their crisp brass work made them stand out. The other bands were Imaginations Brass, Positive Image, Emphasis Band, Jam Band and Violators Band. Tonight is Calypso Revue One and we will have it live at 8:00 PM on WSTA- 04/18/97 8:27 AM

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 81 Degrees Water Temp: 70 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Beach: Perfect Swimming: Supreme, soft and relaxing Diving: Perfect Sailing: Perfect Drinks: Ready

No Cutback in the Weather Service

Delegate Christian-Green says the Commerce Dept. will maintain the current staffing at the Tropical Prediction Center and the National Weather Center. This means no reduction in weather prediction power. That is a big relief. Delegate Green says proper staffing in Hurricane prediction Centers is a matter of national security. 04/18/97 8:32 AM

New Visitor Center and Park headquarters on St. John

The National Park Service announced plans to rebuild the Visitor Center in Cruz Bay St. John. Open houses are planned for Monday April 21st to show the plans to the public.

Port Authority has a 3.7 million grant.

Despite the problems with the St. Croix airport and landfill, the Port Authority has 3.7 million grant dollars to finish work on the Terminal building. Gordon Finch says the grant is due to the work of Ann Abramson. You already know she is leaving here post in Public Works and she is going out with a big bang – a 3.7 million grant. 04/18/97 9:35 AM

Senate Passes Four to Horse Racing Commission

The Senate Rules Committee met yesterday and passed four of the five nominees to the Horse Racing Commission on St. Croix. Dr. Olaf Hendrickson, Elroy Harrison, Clarence Heyliger and Trevor James were all passed Dr. DeChambert was ill. The Rules committee also passed a bill to raise the fine for parking in a handicapped parking space from $100 to $1000.

Illegally Parked Cars to Get the Boot

The Port Authority isn’t messing around with parking violators either. They bought the boot – that’s the heavy metal clamp that gets attached to a parking violator and the car won’t go anywhere until the fine of $125 is paid.

Coral World is on local hands.

The famous Coral World Marine Park is now locally owned. Cornelius Prior and Henry Wheatley led a team of St. Thomas investors to buy Coral World and re-open it for winter’s tourist season. The new owners plan more exhibits and more interactive attractions. For Wheatley, it’s a homecoming. He worked on Coral World back in 1971, years ago. What good news. 04/18/97 8:35 AM

Take the Carnival Days Off

The Governor has authorized administrative leave for non essential government employees during Carnival. Non-essentials get Wednesday off for Food Fair from noon to five. For J’Ouvert Thursday and Friday’s Children’s Parade non-essential personnel have the day off from 8:00 AM – to 5:00 PM – territory wide. The A finance office official says this costs 3 million dollars in lost work time.

Red Cross Lifeguards

With all the concern over the absent lifeguard at Coki Beach, there is good news. Red Cross is hosting preliminary tryouts for a lifeguard training class at 4:00 PM – today at Magens Bay. Tryouts continue April 23 and May 4th. You could help by being a lifeguard.

St. John and Coral Bay Report

It was news when the St. Croix Business community got two police bicycles for the police. Now James Penn on St. John is doing the same there. James Penn has donated the resources to the police to support one more police bicycle on St. John. That’s Good News A meeting of the St. John Action Committee on Monday April 21 at the Club Eclipse in Cruz Bay and the guest speaker is Senator Almando Rocky Liburd Young ladies of St. John ages 9 through 18, the ladies of Senator Liburd’s office are putting together a youth group and you are invited to a come by the St. John office behind the Sprauve school to join. See Doreen Yearwood Coming up April 21 and 22nd the Dept. of Agriculture is hosting a Special Earth Day Event in Coral Bay at the Farm of Josephine Roller. There will be a series of workshops and demonstrations at the Roller Farm showing the use of solar energy, composting, recycling, water use and conservation.

Water Island Report

The new Water Island Ferry boat schedule is available from the ferry captain and it has a map of Water Island on the back.

Shining Halo Award

Remember the transfer Day Ceremony – Well it had a special meaning for one of our residents. George Baptiste Sr. was born within hours of the transfer and he is a walking history lesson about the American Era in the Virgin Islands. So when the territory had its transfer party, George Baptiste Sr. celebrated his 80th birthday too.

Hero of the Hour

We have swimming heroes this week as the Virgin Islands. Swimming team took to honors at the “Carifta Swimming Championships” in Port of Spain Trinidad. Good Hope Senior George Gleason took the gold in his event and the team proved that Virgin Islanders are top swimmers. Senator Almando Rocky Liburd says there is good reason for everyone in the Virgin Islands to become a swimmer. 04/17/97 3:11 PM