Friday, April 11, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Star of Life is Back in Operation

The St. John Ambulance ferry boat is back in operation. Without insurance the boat was tied up, now that insurance is in place and the Star of Life can go back into service. For St. John residents, some 10 a month who need emergency transfer to the hospital, the Star of Life is a lifeline.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 83 Degrees Water Temp: 70 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Beach: Perfect Swimming: Perfect Diving: Perfect Sailing: Perfect Drinks: Ready

Bush Teas of the Virgin Islands is Showcasing in Miami.

At the World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Conference in Miami, Jacquel Dawson and the team from Bush Teas of the Virgin Islands is representing the Virgin Islands and offering tastes of the best bush tea.04/11/97 1:55 PM,

The Government Paid the Bill

This shouldn’t be news – the government made a 1 million dollar payment to the University of the Virgin Islands and paid 2.2 million to the GERS. Juan Centeno of the Dept. of Finance says, we have the funds, we are on target. I don’t expect any problems.”

The Navy is Coming.

The Navy Carrier USS George Washington is coming to St. Thomas May 29th through June 1st The ship carries a crew of 5,000 officers, men and women. This is the largest Navy ship since visits were suspended in 1993. The Governor says steps will be taken to insure a safe and pleasurable visit. They will be using the seaplane landing area which is getting a face lift for the Navy.

Press Visitors coming Too

Martin Public Relations has scheduled another press tour for travel writers to visit our islands so they can write about our islands in the travel magazines. The last tour yielded ten cover, lots of stories, travel tips and more. This is excellent publicity. It carries more weight than advertising. The travel writers are coming April 10th through the 17th. 809-773-1965

Hospital Board Reins in McLaughlin

The Chairman of the Hospital Board curtailed the powers of Acting Hospital Administrator Evelyn McLaughlin. In response to Senate prodding the Hospital Board will begin a full review of her work. The Hospital Board also is seeking a permanent administrator and asked McLaughlin to submit her resume for that job.

The Phone Cables will Continue

AT&T and the Government worked out a plan so the phone company can continue to drill and lay fiber optic cables and continue the drilling mud clean up simultaneously.

Rules Committee Passed three nominees.

Dean Luke is one step closer to being Commissioner of Property and Procurement, Osbert Potter is closer to being Commissioner of Licensing and Consumer Affairs and Carmelo Rivera passed the rules committee for Commissioner of Labor. All nominations go to the full senate. 04/11/97 9:44 AM

Good news for Westin Hotel

The Industrial Development Commission approved tax benefits for the Westin Hotel on St. John. The action still requires Governor Schneider signature. The action clears the way for the former Hyatt Regency, now Westin to reopen.

Frenchman’s Reef update

Nick Pourzal (per-cell) gave us an update on the restoration of Frenchman’s Reef. They’ve been inventorying and making decisions about what to keep and what goes and getting ready with the planners to begin setting up contracts. 04/11/97 8:26 AM

2:00 PM – Coral Bay Report

Police dept. spokesperson Venetia Harvey said that the police station in Coral Bay located next to Guy Benjamin School is scheduled to open at the end of the of April. First time since the 1980’s that Coral Bay has its own police station and it is located inside the renovated Coral Bay Fire Service.

Water Island Report

Everyone on Water Island already knows that Don’t Stop the Carnival was written about Walter Phillips and his early hotel on Water Island. Now the novel by Herman Wouk is a musical. The musical version of the novel Don’t Stop the Carnival is opening at the Playhouse in Miami. It the show proves to be a hit it could showcase the Virgin Islands everywhere it plays and the m0ovie would be good for us too. The story line is about a hotel owner on a small island in the Virgin Islands. And we know who it really isÖ 04/10/97 8:33 AM

Public Access Internet is Coming to St. Thomas

Internet Computers for everyone are coming to the Enid Baa Library next week. Volunteers will teach you the basics. And it is easy to surf the net. Anyone can do it. Call Mr. Waters to schedule an appointment 774-0630. Kids connect at the Library and you can get connected to the Internet at the Baa Library next week.

Earthquake Preparedness Tips

Due to the landfill, downtown Charlotte Amalie is likely to suffer serious damage in an earthquake. Same for Havensight and lots of Estate Thomas landfill. Veterans Drive along the harbor front is likely to not survive an earthquake. The landfill and the proximity to the sea make it dangerous in an earthquake. What is your path out of downtown if the major roads are unusable? Like hurricane preparedness you should have a few days of food on hand, flashlight, radio, batteries food and water.

Big Thank You

Tyrone Martin has a Big Thank You for Mr. Frances and Mr. Johnson of Pueblo for all the help they gave the Chicken Hawks in traveling to London to win 11 trophies. Simone Jarvis of Mocko Jumbie Jamboree has a big thank you for The Paint Depot for sponsoring her in the Parade.