Friday, April 05, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Immigration Stops Chicks at London Airport

You already know the Charlotte Amalie High School Chicken Hawks won 11 trophies at the London Heritage Festival. But wait, the London authorities held one of the Chicken Hawks at the airport with paperwork problems with immigration. His sister stayed with him and an uncle put them up overnight. Governor Schneider interceeded with the British Authorities to call his Chicken Hawks Home. The bands are coming home today at 1:00 PM. and the two stragglers are due in around 6:00 PM – 04/05/97 7:24 AM

There are 1000 days to The Year 2000

It is the day when there are 1000 days to the turn of the millenium. One thousand days from now it will be the new year 2000.

Do you Save Cans?

The aluminum can recycling program is back in full operation. Today is Saturday and you can recycle cans at Grand Union parking lot, Fort Christian Parking Lot and at Four Winds too. 04/04/97 3:14 PM

Delegate Christian-Green

Delegate Christian-Green attended hearings in Puerto Rico about efforts to stop drug flow through the Caribbean. The Coast Guard says their presence here is actually more than when the Coast Guard had a cutter stationed in Charlotte Amalie harbor. 04/04/97 12:43 PM

Our Strawberries are OK

There is news of bad stawberries up north. Ours streawberries in our stores are OK. The company with the tainted strawberries did not ship here and our strawberries are just fine. 04/04/97 3:23 PM

My Caribbean Essay

It’s time for the annual essay contest sponsored by Conde Nast. This year it is the 10th anniversary essay. The theme is My Islands Most Extraordinary View. Teachers this is a great writing opportunity for children under the age of 12. Write 250 words describing the most extraordinary view. It’s due May 2nd Teachers can get a information from your school. And we have had a winner twice in the last 3 years. 04/04/97 3:29 PM

Water Island report

There is a new web page on the World Wide Web that’s all about Water Island. Try it! Go visit There is pages of history, maps, photographs and more on the Water island page on the world wide web. That’s the news from Water island.

This week is Earthquake Awareness Week

We are going to teach you about earthquake preparedness this week. Keep your cool during an earthquake. Unlike a hurricane there is no warning of an earthquake. Stay cool, Take cover along a wall, under a desk, or table. If you are driving, stop the car and avoide power lines. Stay tuned to the Lucky 13, We teach teach you a lot of stuff and we hope you never have to use it.

Assistive Technology Makes Life Easier for Disabled

There is a conference going on right now at UVI for members of the Senate and executive branch to learn about new assistive technologies. It is a lot more than wheelchairs, there are hundreds of simple tools that make the lives of people with disabilities easier. People with only slight disabilities can be helped with simple things, like a gadget to hold playing cards to an aid to help people find the right lines when writing a check. There are also hi tech solutions like modern hearing aids that work on specific sounds. For more infor call 800-522-6294 04/04/97 10:57 AM

RIF Reader – Lebron Brown

Good news from Lebron Brown a 9 year old and a student at the Ulla Muller School who is the RIF Reader. RIF means Reading is Fundamental and the RIF contest is for the students who reach their reading goal. Lebron read 11 hours and 43 minutes during the two weeks and wins Dick Tracy books, a book of Magic Tricks and special card trick cards all at a school assembley. That’s Lebron Brown’s Good News.