Wednesday, April 17, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines 


Jr. Calypso King and Queen

The Junior Calypso contest was last evening at Lionel Roberts Stadium. And the new queen is Natisha Anderson of the Lockhart school and the reigning king, Prince Edward Richards retained his title.

Seaplane Service

Seaplane service is coming back to the seaplane landings. The lease that clears the way for seaplane runs between the islands was signed. Now it is up to the legislature and the governor to close the paperwork.

Landfill Hearings – Few Come

Only 10 people showed up for the legislative hearings on the landfill smoke. Sen Donastorg said he was disappointed at the low turnout, but the folks who came had real trouble with the smoke and wanted some action. The topic of extinguishing the underground fire was shelved.

Culture Day

CAHS is going to celebrate Culture Day tomorrow at various locations around the school. Mrs Dotsy Elskoe and the Committee to Revive our Culture are bringing in a huge group of local artists and craftsmen to show the kids some old-fashioned skills like making local delicacies, identifying herbs for healing, dances, and how to write Calypso.

Committee on Health and Gov. Ops.

The Senate Committee on Health and Government operaitons is meeting today to consider a number of bills, including one that would change the rules on possession of a gun. There is also a bill to change the Public Finance Authority Board

Carnival Rules

The St. Thomas Rescue reminds you that during this Carnival Season if you drink alcohol and drive, you may be in an accident. Drink a soft drink. The life you save may be your own. The fire service reminds carnival village vendors that you must have fire extinguishers. Don’t block hydrants when you park. And remember fireworks are dangerous and strictly prohibited in the Virgin Islands. Carnival Village parking restrictions are in effect until May 5 for Ft Christian Parking Lot. Diagonal Parking is open again on the south side of Veterans Drive on the waterfront apron. No parking in front of the Farreley Justice Complex, on Hospital Gade or on Norre Gade in front of the police.

Do Criminals have a Profile?

Do criminals have an identifiable profile? Senator Petrus gathered experts on the topic to see if we can learn the signs that a young person is headed into a life of crime. The Eastern Caribbean Center has started some research and Senator Petrus wants to know if early ntervention can stop future crime.

They Came in Second

Finally this – the winners always get their names on the news. Here the kids who made the Junior Calypso contest a real contest. All the ones who came in second: Sly Mongoose, Calypso Slim, Lady Jaguar, Lady Melody, Lady Nicia, The Mighty Reds, Time Bomb, Mighty Quil, Mighty Snoop and Lady Niba. There are a bunch of kids making good news.