Wednesday, April 03, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

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IBM to repair UVI

The University announced that they had contracted IBM Business Recovery Services to repair the UVI buildings that were damaged in Hurricane Marilyn. IBM has the only resources to tackle a job the scale of the university’s They repaired some of the Reichhold Center. The university wants the repairs done before the 96 hurricane season begins. The work should be done in late July.

Vitelco Fibre Out

Someone damaged one of Vitelco’s fiber optics and that has cut communications to the east end of St. Thomas. Vitelco regrets the inconvenience and is working to restore service as quickly as possible.

Carnival Museum?

Senator Potter met with the Chamber of Commerce on Monday to look into the idea of a carnival museum. The idea is to set up a place where visitors and locals as well can see all the paraphernalia of carnival, like a hall of fame. The Chamber is considering how it can be involved in creating such a museum.

GERS Funds Lost

The Senate Committee on Health and Gov. Operations met last evening to deal with the Government Employees Retirement System. Despite the recent unfortunate events in Senator Bryan’s life, he chaired the meeting and led the inquiry into the reasons why the GERS funds lost 39 million in 1994 after earning more than 37 million in 1993. Due to the loss, some older government employees have not been able to take advantage of the early retirement program.

Travel Magazine Story on USVI

The March 25th issue of Travel Agent magazine is carrying a feature story on the US Virgin Islands and its right next to our advertisement too. The story says the Virgin Islands us open for business and more recovered than not in the wake of Hurricane Marilyn. The magazine included a current copy of the rate sheet for the Virgin Islands to help travel agents quote our costs accurately. The magazine is read by 53,000 travel agents.

Women’s Coalition Classes

The Women’s Coalition of St. Croix is holding a series of classes to teach you how to deal with victims of violent crime. The classes are starting April 16th and run every Tues. and Theresa until April 30th. Call 773-9272

Checking the calendar:

  • We from Upstreet is meeting usual time, usual place.
  • Elskoe Troupe has a meeting this evening at 5:30 at Windward Passage Hotel. 
  • You have a Food sale Saturday Food. Call Lisa at WSTA for tickets.
  • The All Party Time Troupe is meeting for practice tonight at the Frenchtown location. 
  • Now, how about these tomatoes. Cooperative Extension is offering a series of workshops on growing vegetables in the Virgin Islands. There’s one on growing tomatoes Thursday April 11 at the Cooperative extension service New House on the St. Thomas campus that’s from 7 to 9 PM. There’s a class on growing Hibiscus flowers too, that’s on Monday April 8th at 3 PM.

Comet? No, Eclipse Instead

OK, the comet was a bust. Comets behind clouds are hard to see. But tonight there is a better celestial event. We have an eclipse. That’s when the earth gets between the sun and the moon and blocks the sunlight that reflects off the moon. It only happens on full moon night. Look up tonight at about 6:30 to see it start. The fullest shadow will be around 8 o’clock and its all over by 10 PM.